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We are receiving many incidents, where user is getting an 500 internal server while activating  any xbo.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Login to Cloud Application Studio.

  • Open respective solution.

  • Open the affected xbo.

  • Right click and Activate.

  • Error appears.


After the upgrade most of the users have forgotten to Assign mandatory Work Centers.

User should assign missing mandatory Work center views other than Partner Development Work Center.

  1. Go to Application and User Management Work Center

  2. Open Business Users.

  3. Search for your developer User.

  4. Edit Access Rights

  5. Go to Work Center and View Assignment.

  6. Add the views for Application and User Management Work center and Business Analytics work Center.


NOTE – Before raising an incident, please check this once.Same has been explained in the Help Documentation - User Setup Quick Guide –>Prerequisites ->Create a Service Agent and Request a User (for Development Users).