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Problem Statement

There are many instances when multiple teams works under different stream in same project and they end up with duplicate typecode issue after code merge.

Duplicate Typecode Usecase


Let's take an example above where Team A and Team B working on different branch under same project. Team A branch code first got merged to Production and once Team B merged Production code to Branch B, all team members starting getting duplicate typecode (11055) issue in their local system.

Even if Team B change the typecode of CustomTypeB to something else e.g. 11056, build gets successful but then it will again break during System Update since typecode 11055 still referring to CustomTypeB in Database.


Team B needs to perform the following steps to resolve the duplicate typecode issue :

1. Change the typecode of CustomTypeB to something else (e.g. 11056) which is not being used. This will fix the build issue.

2. Go to Backoffice and remove all entries (if available) defined in CustomTypeB.

3. Run the below SQL command in HAC in Commit mode. YDeployments is the table where Hybris Store all the typecode mappings with associated ItemType.
delete from YDeployments where typecode=11055


4. Finally, Perform System update.

Thats all and it will resolve duplicate typecode issue.

Note : Step 2 and Step 3 are required only if System Update is done with old typecode.



Shreshtt Bhatt