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Currently Manage your solution is not available in display Mode; as a consequence, in your production system you can not see your configuration and in your Quality system, when you transport the configuration, the system is locked and prevents you from seeing your configuration as well.

There are 2 ways to see the configuration in both systems

  • at any time in P system using the URL from the Q system.

Get the URL of the customizing in your Q system:

Example (assign contact Id to communication medium)

Change the bold part for your P system.

  • at any time in display mode thanks to Analytical Queries.

Create Custom Analytical Queries

  1. Open Custom Analytical Queries App

  2. Click on New to create a new custom query

  3. Give a Name for the query and assign a datasource. Search for datasources that begins with I_MKT. If you want to display the interaction types, select I_MKT_INTERACTIONTYPE, the Id_origin, select I_MKT_CONTACTORIGIN...

  4. In the custom query page, go to Field Selection and select the fields you would like the custom query to display. You can assign them directly to Row, column or leave them as Free.

  5. You can preview the query and change it as you wish.

  6. Once done, publish the query

Open the query in Query Browser and create a tile (optional)

  1. Go back to the Home page and open Query Browser App

  2. Search for the newly created custom query (which begins by YY1_)

  3. Select the query and click on Open for Analysis button at the bottom right corner.

  4. Drag and drop the dimensions in columns and rows

  5. You can preview the result, filter, change the display from there.

  6. Click on Actions button at the bottom right corner and select Save As tile

  7. Enter each information the popup and click on OK.

The tile is now available on your home page under the group you defined.

Export the query in Q, Import it in P

  1. In Quality system, Open Export Software Collection App

  2. Click on Add Items and add the query you have just created

  3. Click on Export

  4. In production System, open Import Software collection App

  5. Select the collection and click on Import.

The Query is now in the Production system so you can preview the data in View Browser and if you want create a tile same way as described for the Quality System.