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There might be the requirement in the SAP Marketing Cloud to retrieve detailed information about interactions created from campaign execution. This blog displays the possibility how to retrieve the required information and provides some use cases.


We fetch the data from segmentation. Before starting creating a new segmentation model we need to add some key attributes to the segmentation object using the segmentation configuration.


Segmentation Configuration


For the most use cases we require the following segmentation attributes:

  • Interaction Type

  • Campaign ID

  • Interaction Date

  • ID of the Interaction Contact


The most segmentation objects have the Interaction Type, Campaign ID and Interaction Date attributes available in the Interactions group as per the delivered segmentation content. The ID attribute however needs to be added using the segmentation configuration.

We will use the 'All Contacts' segmentation profile, so I added the ID attribute for the underlying segmentation object SAP_CONTACT_ENGAGEMENT_SIN 'All Contacts'. The ID field is available in the data source SAP_CE_CONTACT_IA_ERP_CUSTOMER 'Contacts, ERP Customers, and Related Interactions' - ID 'ID' is the required attribute:



We set the 'Visible as Attribute' flag and add the ID field to the 'Interactions' attribute group.


Use Cases

For many scenarios the figures in the campaign success screen and the information in the contact factsheet are sufficient - for some use cases however we might need some more detailed information:


Campaign Interactions


We have executed a sample campaign and received the following figures in the campaign success screen:



We now want to get more information on the email opened interaction. We therefore create a segmentation model and used the campaign ID as a filter.


Using the preview for the interaction type attribute we see which interactions are created from the campaign - the numbers in the count field must match the figures from the campaign success screen.

Since we want to get more information about the email opened interaction we created another filter for the interaction type. First we want to see who opened the email, therefore we will either use the preview for the full name attribute (to get the name of the contact) or the ID attribute (to get the email address).


Additionally we want to understand when the email was opened. Therefore we use the preview of the interaction date filter.



Hard Bounce Interaction


Another campaign shows several hard bounces in the campaign success screen.



Since the email ID of the interaction contact is invalidated due to the hard bounce and no longer available in the contact factsheet we need to fetch the email addresses that caused the hard bounce.


We therefore use the segmentation model again to filter for the campaign ID and the hard bounce interaction type. Using the preview for the ID attribute we will get the bounced email address and can use this information for follow up processing.



Data Export


The information can be exported using the 'Export to CSV' feature of the preview in segmentation.