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Product and Topic Expert
What is a Screen Freeze ?

This is a situation where the screen freezes or loads endlessly for a much longer time instead of giving the desired output.

This situation can arise because of heavy load on application by one or other factors , that makes the action process for a longer time than expected.

In such cases , possible chances of taking a trace or reporting the issue might become complex as the entire system becomes unusable or non responsive .

Nevertheless , if that occurrence can be reproducible , please ensure that you are providing the information as below using which we can verify the same further.

About Chrome DevTools :

Since this is intermittent and occurring only at your end ,we might need additional information

1. Open IE / Chrome browser and connect to C4C

2. Open the Developer Tool using F12 for IE and Ctrl+Shift+I for Chrome or you can find the same in the settings option, if you are using some other browsers.

3. Let the Developer Tool to capture information on the background

4. Let the user work in the application normally with the developer tools running in the background

5. When the user experience the problem of a unresponsive browser wait for ~1 minute and open the Developer Tools window

6. Navigate to the Console Tab and screenshot the whole screen making sure to screenshot the bottom of the list which will contain the latest entries

7. Navigate to the Network tab, click the stop button and then by clicking the save button export the file as HAR (please zip this before adding to incident)

8. Send both the screenshot from the console and the HAR file to SAP Support.

Few questions to cross check :

· In this case, check if can you navigate to other screen, by example another tab within the ticket or can you navigate to other screen outside of ticket by clicking the navigation tabs in the button

· Is it working fine, if you select refresh in the browser and this step allows user to continue working on the application, or is there a need to close the browser?

· Could you open another tab in the same browser and connect to other web pages including C4C?

· How frequently this problem is happening?

· Is it happening for multiple users, have all the users experience this problem? Any pattern on PC configuration for those users which are experiencing this problem


Once this formation is provided , it would be helpful in identifying the root cause for the problem.

For more knowledge performance issue you can refer to :