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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs


You have created your custom BO with attachment upload functionality available via this blog Step by step to enable your custom BO with attachment upload functionality.

And now you have successfully uploaded two images as attachment to a given BO instance:

You would like that once preview button is pressed, the PDF will be generated which display these two images from uploaded attachment.

The rendered PDF looks as below:

This requirement just needs a few enhancement on the form template itself, whose development is already introduced in blog Step by Step to create an Adobe Print form in Cloud application Studio.

1. Open the form template via Adobe Form Designer, menu File -> Form Property:

Set PDF Render Format as Dynamic XML Form:

2. Select your body page and set the Content property as "Flowed" instead of "Positioned":

3. Drag a table control from control toolbox, select table header node and DO NOT bind any BO nodes to it.

Select table row node, bind it to path: $.TestBO.Attachment.DocumentList[*] and mark the checkbox "Repeat Row for Each Data Item":

Select the last column field in table row, change its type for Text Field to Image Field:

And use relative binding to bind its path to the corresponding BO field BinaryObject which stores the binary data of an attachment.

After that in the runtime when the PDF is rendered, the table row will automatically be created based on the number of uploaded images as attachment, this behavior is called as "Data Driven Layout process".