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Product and Topic Expert
You have completed an implementation of Sales or Service Cloud (aka Cloud for Customer) and heard about issues with Usability and user satisfaction. You don’t necessarily understand what the complaint is, and to be honest it is fair because usability can mean so many different things. At this point you are assessing what to do and how to address the concerns from your users.

You are in the right place!! The Adoption Success Center here at SAP has put together a series of material to help you drive a complete initiative on Sales and Service Cloud Usability.

What is in it for you?

If there is one thing, we want you to take away from this work it is the fact that when you hear about Usability, User friendly, Ease of Use, Complexity around how to use etc, you don’t need to avoid the topic, there are plenty of opportunities in the solution which you can influence how your users can experience it. The most important for us at this point is to make you aware about what is available, what is the possible impact for your users, and provide information where to find how you can get those features enabled.

Usability Dimensions

We have organized sets of features to target this initiative in 4 main areas:

Usability Dimensions

For each of these areas we start by explaining why they are relevant and what impact we expect you to make on your user’s experience when you enable the features underneath.

Go through each of the areas and find what did you missed about Usability. In each we propose a set of features, that you can confirm if they are enabled or not, and if they are: were they explained to your end users? Finally, we also provide an expected effort to set them active. Although some actually require no effort to set up, it is extremely important that your users know, and understand the benefits of them, so we recommend some effort on communication and enablement there.

As you go through the features you will see, we have explained each of the features by describing why they are important to users, what is in it to drive the proposed value, and where you can find good documentation to help you set them up, whether using instructions or adoption best practices.

We really enjoyed putting all together for you, it is a quite comprehensive Handbook and you will find amazing how simple things which have been released in the last years can mean so much with so little, see for example the User Interface features we are calling out for you to review.

Along the way we found Productivity aspects have a lot to offer and we think it is worth to organize some enablement material for the end users around the features there, as well as to help introduce any recently added of those features. We are pretty sure as users get familiar and confident; they will get efficiency improvements on their daily tasks.

Our preferred chapter is the one related to Personalization, and we know there are many implementations out there which made this an afterthought and never really looked into it in the sense of tailoring the look and feel to different business roles or explained their users the possibility of accommodating different layouts based on their usage on their own. So why don’t you start from there?

Another conclusion we made from the many contacts we have done over the years with our customers was that many of the implementations where limited in scope or followed practices which are not adjusted to the benefits of bringing sales as services processes to the cloud. They often exclude capabilities related to mobility, analytics, or even functionalities that could bring any of the processes to a new state of maturity and digital standards that are aimed to improve productivity, user satisfaction and adoption, which finally lead to better business outcomes whatever Process you are looking at. So, we thought to put together some of the best practices we wish our customers would follow and that we have worked and published in different formats for our customers in the last year or two. We will work in the future to keep any recommendations published included in this document for our customers’ reference. You may want to bookmark this one to revisit in the future the access to these materials

We Help You Drive this initiative!!

Finally, to wrap up the full story around Usability we have put together 3 pictures that can work as a template to help you set up the full initiative around Usability improvements. Just jumpt into the last section of the Handbook and you will see:

  1. An initiative chart which you can use to present the initiative to your steering committee

  2. A Priority Matrix to help you set up a backlog for the initiative

  3. A roadmap which you can build out of the priority matrix so you can plan the work to be done in the coming months.

Last but not least because we know change resistance is one of the main challenges in organizations that embrace innovation and business transformation, we have also included an invitation to attend our ondemand webinar about Change Management with some specially prepared topics which we know our Sales and Service Cloud customers come to very often. You have the access to the webinar also in the last section of the Handbook.

We hope you find all the material really useful and invite you to share with us any practices, features or functions which have helped your organization succeed in the adoption and usability of Sales and Service Cloud Solutions.

Intelligent Adoption & Consumption Success Center!