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Due to various reasons, some entries might be missing in TJ05 for object type and business transaction. For example, entries with Z business transaction are missing after system upgrade.


Entries might be missing due to wrong customizing or system upgrade. This table is maintained by SAP only. System upgrade will overwrite the whole table.


  1. Assuming entry [ object type COH - business transaction ZZZZ ] is missing in TJ05. Follow the steps below.
  2. execute tcode BS12;
  3. go to ZZZZ and set flag on its check box;
  4. save;
  5. go to table TJ05 in SE16 and COH - ZZZZ can be found in it.


When executing tcode BS12, an information will be displayed on bottom left corner, specifying that this table is maintained by SAP only and system upgrade will
overwrite the whole table. Thus please use standard system status and business transactions rather than creating Z business transaction.