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For testing purposes, C4C allows to create a test user which impersonates a business user.

This feature allows you for example, to respond to issues related to a specific business user without having to use the logon data of the business user. User impersonation avoids the need for screen sharing or password transfer.

The test user has the same page layouts, data access, or query results as the business user. Please note that the test user user cannot however impersonate the business user's Home view, calendar, or Feed.

If data is modified by the test user, the change is tracked with the test user identity details so that the business user data is unaffected.

To impersonate another user, modify the table by entering the dedicated test user and the corresponding business user:

  1. Go the Administrator workcenter.

  2. In General Settings, click "Login as another User".

  3. Click "Add Row" and then click the value selection for the Test user. The default query fetches all users with User ID "KEYTEST*". You can create such a user in the Business Users, or use any existing user; in the latter case, remove the default value of the query (expand Advanced Filter) and then select the user.

  4. Enter the ID of the user you wish to simulate.

  5. If you wish to display the business user's name with the test user ID, tick the box "Copy business user name to keytest user name".

  6. Save.

  7. In the Business User view, find the test user and enter a password for them. The logon password of the test user is not affected by any table modification.