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Suppose I would like to use SAP Spartacus directive cxComponentWrapper in my custom Component,and error message is:

Can't bind to 'cxComponentWrapper' since it isn't a known property of 'ng-container'.\n1.

This is caused by missing import. However, how can we know which module should be imported from where?

The tip is to check it out in SAP Spartacus source code. Suppose you have already cloned it from github:

search source code by keyword "cxComponentWrapper", there should be plenty of hits, for example tab-paragraph-container.component.html:

I am using Visual Studio Code for Spartacus development, and installed the plugin Angular Language Service:

With this plugin, simply press Ctrl + mouse left click, to automatically navigate to implementation part of cxComponentWrapper directive, it's here:

Here we can know cxComponentWrapper directive is exported via module : PageComponentDirective:

As a result, in my application module, just add PageComponentModule into app module's imports section, and the error is gone: