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Sometimes, when we work on a workshop or assessment type, among many features, some features catch the most attention of customers; this is the case for the Video Banner Component and the PDF Document Component available in Smartedit. These features have been available since SAP Commerce version 2205.

Next, we talk about this feature; and a small problem, as well as to fix it



Imagine you have an important announcement or a new product launch. You know that your customers are eager to see this.

So you have an idea.

We could put a video banner in our SAP Commerce 2205 to engage or explain, couldn't we?



But when the team went to try, it didn't work. Why???

Ok, no problem, possibly you need to make a slight adjustment in your Composable Storefront.



In this article, I would like to show how you can enable video banners and PDF documents if you have issues when you try to use Video Banner Component and PDF Documents Components through Smartedit.



  1. SAP Commerce 2205 or +

  2. Composable Storefront 6.0.0 or +

  3. Smartedit extensions


Where these features is it?

The features are available on Smartedit.

In my sample, I'm using the local environment, so to access the Smartedit, I use:


Depending on your environment, the URL can change.

I will use Electronics Store, but no matter what store you have, the important thing is that the whole Smartedit is working correctly.



Sometimes, it is possible you try to carry out the Video Banner Component or PDF Component and nothing happens.

Below we make a demonstration of the issue:

After you log in on your Smartedit, you can click on "Homepage."



You might check in order to see if the "Video Banner Component" is available.

Video Banner Component

Component Checked

You might click on the Page Structure menu to show the sidebar (page slots)

Now, you can click and select "Video Banner Component" and then drag and drop to the preferred part.


Video Banner Component in Page Structure


Fill out the form, You can either select a movie from your computer or from media saved on Backoffice.

Filled it out. Click in Save


Form Video Banner


As you can see, nothing happens. We have the component on slot "Section1Slot-Homepage", but it doesn't show.


Nothing happens


The problem happens because the VideoModule and PDFModule are not added by default when you install or upgrade your composable storefront app using schematics. So you must add these modules manually [reference]

How to make that?

1. In your Composable Storefront project looking the file spartacus-features.module.ts

2. Add both modules (VideoModule, PDFModule) on @NgModule, inside imports: [ ]

3. Depends on IDE or If you aren't using IDE will be necessary to make import (below is a sample you can add together with other Modules)

4. Save and restart your Composable Storefront


Refresh Smartedit screen, the Video Banner Component should be shown.

Video Banner Working


After importing specific modules (Video Module and PDF Module), we can see that feature works very well, making other proofs, we see that is possible to implement it on other pages if needed.
If you need to enable the PDF Document Component, you can use the same procedure used here for Video Banner Component.

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