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SAP HANA Live for Utilities offers many queries which can be viewed using tools such as SAP Lumira. But did you know that these queries can also be embedded in CRM for Utilities, allowing your call center agents to take advantage of them?

This blog post will explain the steps required to achieve that. For our example, we have a HANA-Live query view with billing information that we would like to use in the call center application.  In this scenario, we would like to see only billing information for the confirmed business partner.

1. Follow the steps described in Note 2162801 - Consume HANA Live content from the backend system (IS-U) in SAP CRM for Utilities. Using this note, you will carry out some essential preparation steps to be able to view a HANA-Live report within CRM for Utilities.

The steps include the following:

    • Take an available SAP HANA Live query view and modify it to suit your needs.  For example, you may remove some attributes to make the report simpler (and also faster).
    • Learn about the customizing entries required to make this query view available in CRM.
    • Write a small method to pass a parameter to the report (for example, the confirmed business partner).
    • Configure a web dispatcher to forward the content request to the IS-U on HANA system.

2. Once you have completed these preparation steps, you must configure this report to be used in one of the CRM business roles.  This can be done using role AnalyticsPro, as follows:

a. In role AnalyticsPro, choose SAP HANA Live Report from the Create section.

b. Enter a Report Name and Description (optional), and choose the name of the HANA Live Query (the Hana Live Query can either be the
query that you created in the above step or another query that you are familiar with). Click OK.

c. Next, you will need to choose a filter for your report.  The type that you choose depends on your report. There could be query parameters, which come from the HANA-Live original query, or report parameters, which were defined in the Customizing (as explained in Note 2162801).  For example, in the screenshot below, we use EXPR_PARTNER (which contains the confirmed business partner) to filter the business partner report parameter.

d. Now, you will need to specify the attributes and measures to be displayed in the report. For example, in the screenshot below, we have chosen billing document, business partner, and contract, as the data to be displayed.

e. You can preview the report, but remember, if you have chosen a report parameter, it is possible that you may not see data after refreshing. For example, if you chose confirmed business partner, you will not see data after refreshing, because, in the preview environment, there is no confirmed business partner.

f. Assign the report to a business role and share with a user.  This can be done by selecting Report Assignment in the ANALYTICSPRO business role.  There will be a guided procedure which will help you specify where this report will be available: i.e. in which business role, in which screen (for example, the Report Work Center) and for which user.

g. You are now ready to use this report! Log in to the business role where you have embedded the report, confirm a business partner,
and then navigate to the page where you have assigned the report.  There it is!