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Do you need to delete one of your SAP Accounts and you do not know where to start?

If this is the case, you are on the right page.

To delete an SAP Account, there are different processes to follow, based on the type of ID concerned, and this can easily create confusion.

If you are not sure about the type of User ID you own, please have a look at the following blog first: SAP User IDs? What’s the difference? Find out more here…

Now, let’s go back to the deletion. Here is a clear recap of the process to follow for each ID.



To delete your P-user ID you would need to contact the SSO team, by sending an email at

For this request to be processed, please remember the following:

  • Send the email from the email address used for the P-User creation

  • Mention the P-User number

  • Mention the reason for the deletion

The SSO Team will reply to you directly and confirm when the deletion is completed.

More information about this ID is available here:



If your P-user ID is actually a Partner Self-Registered S-user, please note that in this case the P-User ID cannot be deleted / deactivated in order to keep just the linked S-user, as per KBA 2502792 - Request to delete a P-user ID created by Partner self-registration process - SAP for Me.

For any questions around Partner Self-Registered S-user, please contact your Partner Security Manager or Partner Support Team at

Further information is also available here:



An S-User is an ID created by the Administrators of your company to allow you access to the SAP Support Portals (like for e.g., SAP for Me). Therefore, in this case to delete this ID you would need to contact one of the Administrators within your company.

To find out who your Super-Administrators are, you can go in the section Users & Contacts > My Important Contacts of SAP for Me (Users & Contacts - SAP for Me) and contact them internally. Alternatively, you can contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and we will be happy to check this information for you.

To delete your S-User ID the Administrator would need to follow the instructions described on this KBA: 1271482 - How does an administrator create or delete S-user IDs - SAP ONE Support Launchpad / SAP fo....

For more information on this topic, please check the following documentation:



To delete your Universal ID account, there are 2 options available:

1. Create a Case

Create a case for component XX-SER-UID and provide the following:

  • UID e-mail address to be deleted

  • Reason why you wish to delete the UID


2. Contact Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

Please send your request via e-mail to the Customer Interaction Center (560499 - Customer Interaction Center: Hotline - Email - Chat - SAP for Me) and provide the following:

  • UID e-mail address to be deleted

  • Reason why you wish to delete the UID

  • Important: the e-mail must be sent from the same e-mail address linked to the Universal ID as proof of ownership

The above options are also available in case you would need just to unlink your PID / SID from your Universal ID. For this request, please follow KBA 2914815 - How to unlink users from an SAP Universal ID or delete the UID - SAP for Me.

**Important: Please note, that there is no need to delete a Universal ID account if the email address is not the correct one. In this case, you can change your primary UID email address by following the steps described on this KBA: 2962360 - How to change the primary e-mail address - SAP Universal ID (UID) - SAP for Me.

You also have the option to just add an email address to your UID, as per KBA 2882908 - How to add an additional user or e-mail address to the SAP Universal ID (UID) - SAP for Me.

However, please note that you cannot add to a Universal ID an email address/ID that is already linked to another UID.

Further information is available here:


Thanks for reading! 

We hope you found this helpful. Please note that the Customer Interaction Center is available via chat or email and we will be happy to guide you on any of the mentioned processes and assist you with any queries you may have!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the Q&A  All Questions in Customer Experience | SAP Community and All Questions in Support Services | SAP Community

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