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As opposite to product initial Download, the product inital upload means the product to be synchronized exists now in CRM system ( instead of in ERP side in download case ) and then you trigger the upload of the CRM product so it is sent to ERP system and a corresponding material is created there.

  • CRM system: QDD/504

  • ERP system: Q7Q/504

In CRM product UI there is a button "Send to ERP". Once clicked, a pop up window appears and you can maintain the necessary settings for product upload to ERP system. You have to specify some setting manually like the corresponding material type in ERP since it could not be automatically derived from CRM system.

If you could not see this button, please make sense you have enabled the product type as upload allowed in customizing.

The event handler for button "Start upload" is a good starting point for debugging:

Soon the wrapper function module below will be called:

Inside it the structure with CRM specific format will be converted to BAPI structure with Middleware format.

RFC call to ERP system is triggered here:

So we go to ERP system, open function module BAPI_MATERIAL_UPLOAD_SAVE and set breakpoint there. Since the FM in ERP system is executed with user CRMOLTP, so you have to explicitly specify that user in your debugger setting.

Now the function module in ERP is called, with execute user = CRMOLTP.

After execution in CRM system you should see one entry for uploaded product TEST1234 with green light in tcode SMW01.