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The bdoc contains the valuable information during data exchange between CRM and ERP or mobile clients. The analysis of the bdoc errors is very important to make sure the data being transferred successfully. However, you have no idea that how to deal with the bdoc errors sometimes. In this blog, I will introduce the approach to handle the bdoc errors with BDoc State E04.



This kind of error is called “BDoc validation error”, so it usually occurs during validation in CRM application.

I will take one of the bdoc errors in our internal system as an example to show the steps to analysis the bdoc error.


1. You need to choose the line of the bdoc error, then click on button “Show BDoc Msg errors/Receivers”. The bdoc error has the following error message.  You could click on the "Longtext" button to see if there are some comments. Check your customizing as per the diagnosis and the procedure in the long text.



2. Try to reprocess the bdoc error.



3. If the reprocessing could not help, do a request load for the object which is contained in the bdoc error. You could define a request object by t-code R3AR2, then run the request load by t-code R3AR4. You could also monitor the request process by t-code R3AR3.

4. For bdoc errors with bdoc state E04, the error always contains message "Validation error occurred: Module ****, BDoc type ****." If you want to debug the error, you could set breakpoint at the mentioned function module, then reprocess this bdoc error. You could debug from here. Once the breakpoint is stopped, set the watchpoint at the message id and message number, you can track where the error happens afterwards.

In my example, the validation function module is CRM_BUPA_MAIN_VAL. The function module name can be found in T-code SMO8FD as well. So I put breakpoint at the function module, then I reprocess the bdoc error.


The breakpoint is called.

Then I can set breakpoint at the error message R11 124 from Breakpoints -> Breakpoint at -> Breakpoint at message.


Press F8. See! Now you find where raises the bdoc error. You could debug further to check why the error happens.

Please note that the E04 errors are never raised by the middleware but need to be analyzed from the perspective of the application responsible for the validation. If you cannot resolve the error, please create an SAP incident to the component responsible for the error code and/or the FM raising the error.


Regarding this topic, I have created SAP KBA 2300784 as well. Please check it if necessary.



Hope this blog will help you analyzing the bdoc errors.


Thanks very much.

Best regards,

Julin Xin