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You want to change the standard E-mail texts from the Sales Quote Output.

  1. Go to the Sales work center.

  2. Go to the Sales Quotes view.

  3. Select & open any sales quote.

  4. Go to the Output tab.

  5. Click on Actions -> Edit Output Settings.

  6. Go to the E-Mail Text tab where you find the standard E-Mail text.


You can create your own HTML template to change the standard text of the Sales Quote Output & Replace the standard template with your customized template.

Steps to create an HTML template:

  1. Open a Notepad.

  2. Enter the e-mail text as per your requirement.

  3. Click on Save as.

  4. Save the file with .html extension

Steps to upload the HTML template:

  1. Go to Application and User Management in Silverlight UI.

  2. Select Form Template Maintenance view.

  3. Select the form (Sales Quote) for which you want to change the e-mail text.

  4. Click on Actions and select the Created e-mail template.

  5. Browse and select the e-mail template that you have created (.html file) and click on Ok.

Now when you open the Sales Quote "Edit Output Settings" you will be able to see the changed e-mail texts (i.e from Custom Template created).