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This is my learning note for analytics topic of Cloud for Customer as a newbie.

The requirement is I would like to review visit analytics for a specific account in account overview page, for example if I go to account overview page of account A, in the report only visit data belonging to A is displayed.

Here below is step by step how this requirement could be achieved.

1. Create a new report using data source "Visit Header":

Once done, create a new report view which will be embedded in Visit overview page. Click hyperlink "Create View for this Report in a Web Browser":

In the view creation UI, add "Account" as selection field. Now the Account ID and name could also be displayed in the report.

Save this report view via menu "Save As":

Specify "visit_embedded" as report view name:

2. Assign the created report to Work center Visit, view Visit by selecting the checkbox.

Once done, you could also see the report view in work center "Analytics", view "Reports" using drop down list "Reports views".

3. Go to Visit overview page, enter adaptation mode, click menu "Add Embedded Reports":

Select the report view created in previous step:

In selection tab, choose "Account" field in column "Screen Field" from drop down list, so that a mapping between screen field in UI and Account selection field in report is established.

Save the change and quit the adaptation mode, now only account specific visit data is displayed in the overview page of current account: