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Although CBTA may seem a tool that is not used so much it is still very much in use in some companies. Depending on the version of CBTA you have you might have or not have pre-defined executables and commands.

Recently I faced a scenario where CBTA had to automate a WEB-based application and not a SAP CRM UI. In this case, you can do the following:

1) Create a new Executable
2) Select TYPE URL <Exec. Ref>
3) Point it to your destination (in our case https://<whatever your URL is>)
4) Create a New test configuration
5) Choose Assign Executable and select the one that you just created
6) Test script attributes should have the Executable type selected URL and Executable should show the URL you created.

This would be enough to be able to open a web page.

Now you can use that as 1st step in the composite test and the 2nd one should be the actions performed on the web.

Have in mind that clicking on web page might not be captured by the recorder so you would need manual effort for that but I will explain that in a different post