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1. What is SAP JAM Communities?

SAP JAM Communities provides community functionality that can be leveraged in commerce shops to facilitate discussions on a product, ask and answer questions on a product and also create product reviews.

SAP JAM Communities offers an integration into SAP Hybris Commerce showing product reviews, questions, blogs and discussions on a product. Of course SAP JAM Communities can run stand alone and provide additional capabilities.

SAP JAM Communities replicates the user information (which would be consumers or contacts on a commerce store) and the created product reviews to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. Also if known users read product reviews interactions are created on the marketing side.

2. How to set up the integration?

a) Settings on the marketing side:

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud:
Configure the technical connection using the respective apps:

    • Create communication user


    • Create communication system


    • Create communication arrangement:
      Here you need to create two arrangement, one for each scenario SAP_COM_0003 and for scenario SAP_COM_0004

SAP Hybris Marketing:

    • create a communication user with transaction SU01 and assign the corresponding pfcg role (SAP_CEI_ECOMMERCE_INTEGRATION)

b) Settings on SAP JAM Communities:

    • In the SAP JAM Communities Admin Panel: Configure service url , user and password


    • Configure replication (Synchronization) frequency

3. Where do the data from SAP JAM Communities show up?

a) Profile Information

In the Consumer Profile within SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud all user data from SAP JAM communities show up along with profile picture, email address, user ID, user ID of the Hybris Commerce shop (if integrated with SAP JAM Communities). In interaction tab the created and read product reviews are shown.

b) Product Reviews

The reviews are an own interaction type that captures the review score (1-5 stars) in the valuation field which is also used by sentiments (with 1=strong negative to 5 = strong positive). The product data is added to the product node of the interaction. Additionally the product name is a tag of the interaction.
The interactions of that type run through the SAP HANA text analysis which identifies additional tags that can be used for further processing or interest assignment.

Here you can find more information on Communities:
There is a new study by Forrester Consulting to examine the impact customer communities make on marketing programs. Forrester Consulting Study on communities