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You are performing migration of ECC customers and materials via the Migration Workbench (MWB) since you do not yet have integration setup. At a later point in time you would like to update these customers and materials via integration. Problem: As no ID mapping exists in C4C for these instances all customers and materials will be considered new and hence created as a duplicate. This is because the ID mapping written by the Migration Workbench in the "Value Conversion" step is stored in an internal migration table and cannot be consumed by our standard webservices.


There is a "hidden" automatic synchronization option of the internal MWB ID mapping into the standard ID mapping table. This synchronization can be enabled for customers and materials only. Furthermore it is only possible for ERP integration. You need to execute the following steps:

1) Before staring migration make sure customer and material integration are scoped in BC finetuning

2) Start the MWB and upload the file to be uploaded

3) After uploading the file into the staging area and before the actual migration open the file properties

4) In the following popup select the system instance which represents your ECC system. This is exactly the one you will create the Communication Arrangements for

5) start the migration

6) in the step "Value Conversion" you can now choose whether the old legacy numbers shall be kept (00002) or whether new numbers shall be taken by the migration service (00001). SAP proposal is 00002.

7) once migration has been successfully completed all ID mappings written in step "Value Conversion" will be also synched into the standard ID mapping table used by integration