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With 1811 SAP Marketing Cloud supports Business Event feature. Event-Driven architecture, a software architecture pattern that promotes the production, detection, consumption of and reaction to events.

In this tutorial you will learn how to activate a specific business event in SAP Marketing Cloud.

This tutorial requires access to:

The following business objects where business eventing is implemented:

  • Interaction created (only enabled for specific Interaction types, see documentation)

  • Marketing Campaign completed

  • Marketing Coupon changed

  • Marketing Object Attachment created

  • Marketing Permission changed

  • Marketing Permission created

Note: For performance reason, we recommend to only activate needed business events. Not needed business events will unnecessarily consume system resources in your SAP Marketing Cloud and in your receiving client either SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging or SAP Extension Factory.

Activation of Marketing Business Event

Please login into your SAP Marketing Cloud System and navigate in the Fiori Launchpad to the tile-group Implementation Cockpit and click on the tile Manage Your Solution.


In the next step, please click on the menu entry Configure Your Solution.


In the configure your solution application please search for the Item Name “Event Handling”. Note: To reduce the number of entries to get a better overview filter on Application Area Application Platform and Infrastructure. Please click on this entry, that the configuration of the Event Handling will occur.


In the section Configuration Steps, click on action Configure of the step name Maintain Event Topics.


A small popup will occur, and you have to select the right Channel from the F4-Help. As a prerequisite you need an existing communication scenario (SAP_COM_0092) where you have defined a channel in the parameters.


To activate a Business Event, you should click on the New Entries button on the top left corner. The table below the button will be switched into edit mode and via the F4-Help you are able to pick an available business event.


In the popup you can search for a specific business event. All business events are related to a business object; therefore, the prefix BO is used. As you can see in the screenshot, you have the possibility to select wildcard entries, meaning all events related to the business object will be activated.



Of course, you can enable multiple Business Events. With the Save button on the bottom right, you confirm the added Topic Filters.


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