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Campaign Automation is a function that allows you to model your campaign, such as creating a recurring campaign. In this blog, I’ll introduce some tips regarding how the periodic campaign works in campaign automation.

The rules used for calculation are determined in method GET_NEXT_STARTDATE~ CL_CRM_MKTPL_SCHEDULER. You could find statement and coding for the different scenarios. Here I provide some examples for your reference. Let's start it in September, 2016.


1. Q:If the plan date is assigned during 2016-09-01 to 2016-09-30, it has only 5 weeks during that period. But If you choose "10" in [Number of period], how it works?

A:In this case, the plan end date wins.That means even if the given number of periods is not executed yet it will stop executing once the date is reached.

2. Q: The planned data is the same, choose 'Weekly' in Period Type, '3' in Number of Period. In every week, you choose Monday ~ Thursday, not on Friday ~ Sunday. How does the campaign execute?

A: This campaign will start from date 2016-09-01. Although it is not a whole week.It would be executed from 2016-09-01~21, and the 3 periods are following:




3. Q: If you assign 2016-01-15~2016-12-31 in Plan Date, 'Months' in Period Type, '12' in Number of Period, Every "1" Months. How does this campaign run?

A:This campaign will be executed on every 15th day from January to December. Even different months may have different days.

If you want to execute campaign on every month's end date (Jan-31, Feb-28, Mar-31, Apr-30…). Please choose "Every month on 31st".

Kind regards,