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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Notes 2161288 and 2313846 introduce report CRM_IC_CHECK_CUSTOMIZING which helps me a lot when supporting CRM Interaction Center issues. In this blog, I would like to share with you how.

The main reason why I like this report is, it gives me a quite easy overview on how a CRM IC Web Client business role is set up on customer site and I execute it before starting with my analysis (if available).

I just need to enter the name of the business role after executing the report in SE38:

The system then loads frequently used information in an hierarchical overview. I have immediate access to various customizing and system settings:

Additionally, some checks are executed, so I get quite quick a first overview

  • if something is missing or wrong (red)

  • if there are some deviations from SAP standard or observations which are only an issue if used during runtime (yellow)

  • important customizing is set as required (green)

Some checks can be triggered manually if the customizing is really used by the business.

Each node in the hierarchy reflects some customizing and for each node, I can see the

  •  customizing field or parameter name:

  • value of customizing or parameter

  •  a traffic light, an option to trigger manual checks and the reason why the status is set as it is set

  • a link to SPRO documentation, an option to navigate to the related customizing or to the menu and a link to display additional information on the support portal:

Especially, the links to navigate to the related customizing really accelerates my analysis if I want to know more. For process related customizing, I usually use the sections described below as there I also can see related customizing without further navigation.

Section General Business Role Customizing contains information about UI Framework customizing. I have quick access to the function profile related customizing, to the technical profile and can see if there are any enhancements in the runtime profile.

I also like to see which work centers are used by the business role. This is possible under "Navigation Bar Profile"

I can also see to which application component the work center belongs to and should be used for the incident and I can navigate to the related transaction launcher customizing for logical links of type "C" - Launch Transaction.

Point "System Settings" gives me an overview about the release, which business functions are activated and important system parameters. Again, I can navigate to additional parameters if available.

The next points in the report are only relevant, if the related processes are used on customer site.

Under "Communication Process" I can find all customizing which is used to link a communication management software. Using the check button, I can even check if the connection to the CMS is working.  Additionally, I have access to the E-Mail Profile and related customizing

If I want to review the customizing which is important for CRM IC Core process "Customer Interaction", I open the corresponding node. Here I have access to detailed information about the

  • Interaction Record

    I can quickly review how the transaction type used as interaction record is set up, and which partner functions are automatically assigned when creating a new interaction record or the customizing which is considered during editing. Again, I can execute checks and navigate to the corresponding customizing or information.

  • Under Agent Inbox, I quickly get an overview on the used agent inbox profile and to the inbox items assigned to it. I can further navigate to the items and review again the related customizing. For example for inbox items of type OneOrder, I can see the related Transaction customizing, the agent inbox partner and status mapping. Especially the status mapping is helpful because it allows me to see which system or user status is considered when search for a specific agent inbox status.

  • Context Area point shows me immediately, if polling or ABAP push channel is used:

Under Business Process Integration, I have access to customizing related to the business transaction profile. This is another entry point to review the interaction record customizing but also the customizing for all dependent business transactions. Similar to the interaction record, I have access to Transaction Type customizing (BT Settings) and can check if the partner determination profile and the mapping customizing allow auto assignment of confirmed accounts or contact persons, employee responsible or responsible group:

The last point "Agent Guidance" deals with functionality which is available to support agents during their daily work. For example "Intent Driven Interactions", I can see which rule policies defined in the IC_MANAGER role are assigned to this specific business role for which the report has been executed. I can also display assigned rules without navigating to the WebUI:

Additionally, I can see which alert processing mode is used to send alerts to the CRM IC Web client and some information about the scripting profile assigned to the business role:

I hope I could give you a good overview on how this report supports me in providing support. It still needs expertise and product knowhow, so that the information shown can be interpreted. To learn more, the embedded links to SAP Knowledge Base Articles, SPRO information are helpful.

Implementing the SAP Notes before opening a customer incident helps us from support for sure.

If you also troubleshoot CRM IC problems or want help when navigating through important IC customizing nodes, try it out yourself and share your experiences and feedback with me in a comment to this blog.