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SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) offers pricing within our cloud application.  Additionally you can use external pricing in order to leverage pricing from SAP ERP or SAP CRM.

During your implementation it is important to determine if you will use the internal pricing provided with SAP Cloud for Customer, or use pricing from SAP ERP or SAP CRM.  This presentation  describes C4C pricing capabilities.  The presentation will enable you to:

Obtain an overview of the pricing topic in SAP Cloud for Sales and SAP Cloud for Service

  • Understand the capabilities and options related to how pricing is used in for sales quotes/sales orders while online

  • Understand key features and functions of pricing in SAP Cloud for Sales

  • Understand the options and flexibility in setting up pricing through business configuration

  • Understand the difference between internal and external pricing

  • Understand basics of offline pricing in SAP Cloud for Sales

In addition to the pricing presentation we also have a quick start guide for pricing integration. This guide describes the required setup for pricing integration with SAP ERP or SAP CRM.  It can be found at   Download the quick start guide.  The final chapter covers pricing integration.


Concerning Offline Pricing please refer to the overview presentation (incl. 1811 release) Link to presentation