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In this blog post, we will give you a highlight from the webcast on “How Marketplaces are Changing the B2B Game in an Era of E-Commerce Acceleration” Held on September 9 2021.  Recording from the webcast can be found here.

80% of B2B buyers expect similar purchasing experiences offered by B2C websites, adding expectations for more streamlined, transparent, and digitally driven purchases from a deeper catalogue. These changes are colliding with the traditional world of wholesale distributors and manufacturers, who need to provide new experiences to retain existing customers while offering more products and services to grow their customer base and share of wallet.

2021 is more than half over What’s new & What now for B2B Businesses?

We need to redesign the value chain

·       Increase Agility & Reduce cost across all channels

·       Meet rising B2B Expectations of a B2B like Experience

·       Retain existing customers while Growing share of wallet



Introducing a Playbook for Marketplace Success

 Lauching and growing a successful marketplace requires having the right technology, team, and ecosystem in place from the onset


  •        The Technology – A secure and scalable platform that supports all of your marketplace objectives

  •        The Expertise – Dedicated team members that support the marketplace, from C-suite to bullpen, as well as a team of experts with proven methodologies for developing, launching, and scaling your marketplace

  •        The Ecosystem – A powerful network of sellers and partners to grow capabilities and fuel ongoing success


  1. Check out the Webinar for detailed information by clicking on the link here.

  2. Visit E-Commerce Acceleration Has Changed the Game for B2B ( To download the complete strategy paper


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Kind regards,

Mónica Domingo

Global Topic Owner - SAP Customer Experience Solutions