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Community Manager
Community Manager
It is a great moment for the little Experts community to grow up and become a part of a huge SAP Community family.

Similarly to SAP Customer Experience Experts, SAP Community enables professionals across the globe to connect, exchange information, engage, and receive recognition for their achievements.

If you seek help or want to share knowledge about SAP software and solutions, including SAP C/4 HANA portfolio, this environment is there for you!

As the Product Owner and the Community Manager of the Experts site, it is my honor to welcome you here on SAP Community. I believe that you will benefit from this opportunity to become more visible in the SAP world, where your knowledge will shine bright to a larger audience.

Let`s get to know each other!

Taking a role as a host, it is a good practice to introduce people to one another. Let`s do some networking! I hope you will build new connections, establish rapport and build trust among yourselves.

Dear SAP Community members,

It is my pleasure to introduce the most active contributors of the Experts Community.

They have been awarded with Hero of the Month badges as they show a significant level of contribution, dedication, and commitment. Hero of the month badge is awarded to a person who has gained the most reputation points in the past month.

They spend their precious time on answering questions and sharing their knowledge with others. Please warmly welcome:


He is a top 1 contributor on SAP CX Experts. As a customer, he has proven his wisdom by reaching the level of 10 000 reputation points and he has been ten times in a row recognized as a Hero of the Month since September 2018!


He is a long-time member, joining in 2014 – just after the site launch. Being a person with the second best reputation score with 7025 points, he is a fundamental Experts contributor!


SAP Commerce Cloud holds no mystery for him. While working for a long time in the company, he knows the product`s root like no one else. He strongly supports the community as a moderator.


An SAP employee who has been on Experts since the beginning. Having 6235 points and a Hero of the Month badge, he is the fourth best contributor on the leaderboard.

Luke Potter 

Five Hero of the Month badges and 4358 points make him a contributor you should know.


Of course, there are more great contributors to be listed here. You can recognize our Heroes by checking their profile for:


Hero of the month, among partners and customers

Hero of the month, among our employees.


Dear Experts members,

Please meet some of the community members by reading Member of the Month interviews. They highlight contributors who have the most positive influence on the community.

Until now, SAP Community has honored more than eighty people as Member of the Month, so I won`t present them individually here ?


SAP Community Features

Dear Experts community members, to get you onboard, I would like to present some SAP Community features that you will fall in love with!

♥ Questions and Answers –

A powerful source of information to anyone who has questions about SAP offerings and other topics related to business software.

♥ Blogging -

A blogging platform that gives members the opportunity to share their professional and personal experiences, views, and insights.

♥ Coffee Corner -

This section is dedicated for an off-topic discussion where members can enjoy informal chats and get to know each other, meet new people and make connections.

♥ Events -

SAP Community is not limited to You can participate in Community Calls – webinars featuring experts who speak about development topics of interest to SAP Community members. You might be also interested in on-site educational opportunities, such as SAP CodeJam, SAP TechEd conferences, SAP Inside Track and SAP Stammtisch.

♥ Expert Pages –

The expert pages are dedicated to topic areas, so visitors can easily identify specific subjects that interest them and find relevant information. The pages are related to tags, which are used to categorize content.

Get Started

Here are some links you might find useful as a new member of SAP Community:

♦ Go to the Getting Started page for helpful tips about beginning your SAP Community journey.

♦ Make sure to take the Tour the SAP Community tutorial to familiarize yourself with the basics of SAP Community, giving you the knowledge necessary to jump right in!

♦ You can always glance at Home page: to see what SAP Community is up to.

♦ Still have questions about SAP Community? Go to Community Resources section which covers all aspects of the site.

♦ Want even more information? Sign up for Community Voice, a newsletter featuring the latest SAP Community news, links to popular blog posts, and much more!

♦ You can also stay up to date with SAP Community via social media. Check out Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


If you have any thoughts that you would like to share, or comments about the migration, please do not hesitate to contact me via


Yours forever,

Sylwia Ganiec.