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I am very proud to present to you our new and truly cloud native SAP Sales and Service Cloud!

All my videos are 👉 hands-on, no mock-ups, no scripts, just me personally showing our new lighting fast and truly cloud native CRM! 🚀

I hope to extend this series in the future but we have already a great set together that covers all key features of our new SAP Sales and Service Cloud.

Feel free to share these videos! 🙂 You can find me also posting those on LinkedIn if you prefer to share those 🙂

Sales Cloud Videos

  • Mobile Sales: Our new native mobile solution gives you instant access to your Sales & Service Cloud anywhere and anytime.

  • Dashboard & Customer Insights: Let’s take a look at the dashboard and our customer insights view – aka customer 360°.

  • Opportunity to Quote: We will be guided with next best actions through the opportunity until we provide a quote to the customer.

  • Pipeline Management: Let’s zoom out and take a look at the entire pipeline and see how we can submit our forecasts.

  • Digital Selling Workspace: Let’s take a look at the digital selling workspace of our sales representative.

  • MS Outlook and Teams Integration: The sales process and the collaborative process go hand in hand with our MS Outlook and Teams Integration.

  • Analytics: We can drill into any dimension of our data with the help of the embedded Analytics powered by SAP Analytics Cloud.


Service Cloud Videos

  • Case Management: The case management allows us to process step by step all the cases available in our service queue.

  • Agent Desktop: The Agent Desktop identifies any customer contacting us and allows us while being in the call to already server our customer.


Other Useful Resources

I collected here a list of the most useful resource in regards to SAP Sales and Service Cloud Version 2.