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Algopix provides brands and CPGS with real-time product market data

With increased competition in all areas and markets across the e-commerce world, the never-ending shifts in online marketing, and the gaps between brick-and-mortar and online stores, brands are really feeling the heat. In order to thrive and gain market share, brands need access to actionable, real-time data.

Enter Algopix, a product intelligence platform for e-commerce.

Analyze and benchmark your market share gain and loss by platform or competitor

Using Algopix, brands can understand the sales volume of every product in the e-commerce market across all countries and channels. How does it work? Algopix receives data from over 70,000 brands and online sellers, aggregates and anonymizes the data, and then informs CPGs and brands the sales volume, how market share changes over time, and what causes these changes, for every brand, product category, or product.

A solution for various business leaders across the organization

Using Algopix’s solution, marketing managers can understand what campaigns work and drive market share up, and brand and product managers can realize what products are high demand in the market, what products their competitors are selling, and what product launches are successful. C-level executives working with Algopix can better understand the gap between what is happening in brick and mortar vs. what is happening online, and gain a comprehensive understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and who is taking market share in real time.

Actionable, SKU-level data in real-time

While competitors provide solutions with category-level data that is not actionable and involving a 2–6 week lag-time, Algopix’s real-time solution allows brands to quickly act on their data and have full visibility to market share. With active alerts, CPGs can track products and get notified of changes in sales, market share, and dollar-change by SKU in real time. Using Algopix, brands can notice a competitor directly taking their market share for the same exact category they are selling in, for example, by getting notified of a direct competitor reducing product price and setting up a promotion. With Algopix, brands can immediately analyze, act, and make real-time adjustments to improve their online sales.

What they're saying about Algopix
“Algopix’s solution is not like anything else in the market. They leverage a future-proof innovative data collection model that helps provide clients with granular, item-level e-commerce data in real-time.”

— Liz Wilkinson, Director, Ventures & Innovation, Nielsen.

For SAP Commerce Cloud Customers: One omnichannel view of what’s happening in the market

SAP customers using Algopix can import all e-commerce data and insights into one unified omnichannel view with SAP Commerce Cloud. SAP customers no longer need to use multiple tools and dashboards to understand what’s going on in the market, and can get eCommerce data, brick and mortar data, and path to purchase data, all in one place, supported by SAP.

Learn more about Algopix here! 

Algopix participated in SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort and is an SAP PartnerEdge Integrate Partner. 

Read more about SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort here.