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The blog has provided an overview of the general capabilities of dashboards.

This blog series here is intended to offer some hands-on experiences when creating a Dashboard with drill-down/navigation possibilities. Based on a specific example with 3 report views some additional background information is explained via additional blogs, which contain some important detailed information regarding features, functions and usability.

Good to know when working with Dashboards – Example
Good to know when working with Dashboards – Sources
Good to know when working with Dashboards – Connections this blog


In Step 5 “Connections” of the dashboard you have the possibility to link reports and pass parameters from report 1 to report 2. To create a connection you have to select the source and target report first. Then you select the attributes you want to map. After that you can see the connections on the right side of the screen.

As a general recommendation you should use the auto mapping feature, which will create the connections automatically. This feature will consider if an attribute is stored as an ID or as an UUID and map only equal data types. In case you map an ID with a UUID the connection wouldn’t work, hence especially use this functionality if you feel uncertain.

After maintaining the necessary connections the navigation between the reports is possible.

Please note that the navigation capabilities work only in graphical views and not in table view.