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Hello Everyone! 

In this blog post we will see how to best use SAP’s Knowledge repositories with a special focus on the Incident Solution matching feature, which you can use to get faster technical support to resolve your issue without creating a Support incident. 

The SAP ONE Support Launchpad provides access to task-driven support resources in an intuitive interface. By using customizable role profiles, it displays the relevant applications and insights to you.  

Most importantly an S-User ID is required to login onto SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Learn more about S-User IDs hereSAP User IDs? What’s the Difference? Find out more here… 

When an issue occurs in an SAP system, an end user can create an incident to request technical support. An incident is created when a problem without a known, documented solution arises. 

However with Incident Solution Matching you may find a solution without needing to raise an incident as it is a service based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies that helps you get relevant answers to technical questions faster. 


Incident Solution Matching is embedded in the incident creation form accessible via the SAP ONE Support Launchpad .

To use Incident Solution matching, simply use the same search environment or incident creation form. , Please note that performance and quality of answers are improved considerably by this new technology and you should get answers much faster with a much higher relevance to your questions the more often it is used.


While filling the incident form, including the following information in your problem description will significantly improve your search results.

  1. Describe your issue in Subject and Description as briefly as possible, “Incident Solution Matching” automatically recommends solutions from SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base Articles in the right panel and the results are ranked in order of relevance.


  1. Select a component from Component field and “Incident Solution Matching” will refine the results even more

Incident Solution Matching automatically identifies and ranks solutions according to their relevance based on incident data. The more detailed and concise information you provide, the more matching results you will get.

Points to note, currently Incident Solution Matching only supports English. Incident Solution Matching is available for all SAP products. And this feature is free of cost.

For more insight here is a YouTube video guide on Incident Solution Matching

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Take care!

Chaitra KB CIC Team
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