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This blog gives you an overview and explains the frequently asked questions on the generic aspects of integration between SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to SAP CRM, SAP ERP or any external system. It also covers issue related to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer connectivity with HCI , PI etc.

When you configure your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution, for integrating with SAP ERP, SAP CRM or any external system ,you must observe dependencies that arise from the activities in different systems. We therefore strongly recommend that you perform the activities in standard guides in the sequence in which they are documented. Pay special attention to the prerequisites, if mentioned, at the beginning of each section.

Before you start working through end to end implementation, ensure that you have downloaded the most recent version of integration guides available at Also, make sure you have checked end to end connectivity settings via standard report provided by SAP.


Frequently Asked Questions:


In HCI iflow, all the routeing conditions are met but the message is not reaching C4C. Also it is showing completed status in HCI.

Make sure in we20 port settings content type is set as Text/XML instead of Application/



While replicating from ERP to Cloud for Customer using HCI system, all outbound idocs in ERP are failing with the following error
"No IDoc saved in target system (SOAP HTTP)”

Above error means SOAP application processing was started in the target system i.e in HCI system. However, errors occurred in the target system due to unknown reason, which means that IDocs cannot be saved in ERP. Hence for more details about failure please check in target systems error log i.e. HCI

When sending message from soapUI to the C4C the message fails in Cloud for Customer with error message
"SRT: Plain SOAP: Reliable messaging (RM) configured, but no Messaging ID and no WSRM assertion provided

Make sure the protocol defined in the Communication System of Cloud for Customer should be selected as Web Services. Also, make sure end point URL to which you are sending request from soapUI or via any middleware into C4C inbound service then it should have MessageID at the end as shown below.

e.g. https://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/businesspartnererpreplicationi?MessageId=FA163ED10E711EE696DE10B08BF81EED

In case if you are sending data to SAP C4C using SOAPUI make sure target URL have random message ID generator code like this



How can I add new users and authorizations in SAP HCI tenant? Who is authorised to add new users?
An admin user can go to HANA Cloud Platform cockpit and add further admin and users and assign them roles and authorizations. By default, SAP HCI uses SAP Cloud identity provider. Hence all the users must have valid S—userids or P-user ids that can be requested/generated from Service Market Place or SAP Community Network.


Where are all the roles & authorizations mentioned, that can be assigned to users?
Please look at > Operating SAP HCI > User Management for SAP HCI > Managing Users and Roles Assignments > Defining Authorizations


While replicating account, messages are failing with following dump error?


Check if the communication arrangement "Deprecated: Account Inbound for IDocs" is active, and the ERP integration for Cloud for Customer to ERP is scoped correctly.

During check connection with HCI iflow from S4Hana system, I get the following error
Inbound processing in endpoint /COD/ERP/SimpleConnect failed with message "Fault:HTTP verb was not GET or POST"

This is expected error with HCI however this also confirm your connectivity with HCI is working fine. Please refer the following note for more details.


While replicating account from C4C to ERP using HCI with certificate-based authentication, we are getting following error in C4C:
"SRT: HTTP error: ("HTTP Code 500: Internal Server Error - Details see in error log of transaction SRTUTIL")' also,  HCI tail log shows following error: 'Inbound processing in endpoint at failed with message "[CXF][Transport][HttpException]:HTTP response '401: Unauthorised' when communicating with", caused by "HTTP response '401: Unauthorized' when communicating with"

You could have following problems:

1) If is a reverse proxy in front of on-premise then it might be that it is not forwarding the HCI client certificate in  HTTP header to ERP(intermediate might be not trustworthy)
2) You did not map the HCI client cert in ERP SM30 vusrextid
3) The HCI client cert is not trusted on

By retrieving the packaging information from BADI package_changes which is called in CL_AMDCI_OCNRQ_A_PEND_PACK_CH – Execute results into et_package of 2.6 million records and causes a dump.


You have loaded a huge amount of business partner addresses (IDOC ADRMAS) and contact person workplace addresses (IDOC ADR3MAS) without loading the mandatory business partners via IDOC DEBMAS_CFS. All the transferred messages are failing in the Cloud for Customer inbound, because they have a missing reference, due to the fact, that the corresponding DEBMAS_CFS was not processed.
Check whether you can send the corresponding DEBMAS_CFS IDOCS and afterwards restart the failed messages in Cloud for Customer. If this is not possible, cancel the failed messages in Cloud for Customer.


While replicating employee replication I receive the following error.
Error: Start date must not be later than end date Interface error; WS-Application; LOD-HCM-RPL; HumanCapitalManagementMasterDataReplicationEmploye

Following messages failed due to start-date greater then end-date. There are number of places where <ValidityPeriod> node appear in the payload and has <StartDate> and <EndDate> elements.Value of <StartDate> should be less than value of <EndDate>. But if messages have <StartDate> greater than <EndDate>. Then it will fail with above error. Please check the payload and re-trigger the messages.


While deploying integration flow, I receive the following error
"Erroneous Integration Flows is CRITICAL."
Above error occurs when you deploy iflow with the same name again. Hence, check and remove any existing duplicate iflow from HCI tenant.


While updating an ERP Customer from C4C in ERP sales area fields gets deleted.
This happens whenever in the IDOC the E1KNVVM segment does not contain the value "/" for all the fields, which should not be touched during replication. In the most recent SP for the middleware content, the logic is available. Please update your content accordingly. If you prefer to fix the message mapping manually, please assign the constant value / to all of the fields in IDOC segment E1KNVVM, which are not already mapped. This should fix the issue.


While replicating data between PI to Cloud for Customer, it is failing with Certificate Error   ( PI -> HTTPS -> C4C)
One of the reason could be that complete chain of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer server certificate is not imported in PI trust store. Try importing complete chain and check if this resolves the error or not. In case if this doesn't resolve error , please take SMICM trace at level 3 for more detailed info.


Dump occurs if you click on "Document Flow" in sales quote . Following are the steps to reproduce dump. :Woc Sales => Sales Quote "xyz" -> select "Document Flow" -> Exception Occurred.
An internal error occurred during message processing. For the error, details check MPL ID AFVbI-YbL8jty25IcWoKaRREfwjV in message monitoring.
Above error comes when processing stops at HCI for some reason. Please go through the complete log in HCI and search with given MPL ID for more detail info on error.


Why is employee address replication failing with following ID mapping error?
Error: "ID mapping for external value 148778 of Address missing"
Check SAP Note 2056045 - Initial Load of Business Partner from ERP to C4C should be done in a sequence.

When replicating data from ERP to Cloud for Customer via HCI, I receive the following error in ERP:
IOException:Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns
"HTTP/1.1 502 Host not found"
One of the reason could be that proxy settings are not maintained correctly in transaction sm59. Please check hostname,port, proxy again. In case if this doesn't resolve the issue , further details could be obtained via SMICM trace at level 3.

While deploying iflow I am getting following error:
'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Secure Storage service returns no credentials for alias XYZ'

This error occurs when iflow is deployed with basic authentication and credential name XYZ is not deployed into the tenant. It is mandatory to deploy credential in your HCI tenant with given name as maintained at receiver channel before using basic authentication in iflow .

During simulation or replication my scenario is failing with following error in PI: Channel stopped by administrative task.

Please check the status of receiver communication channel and sender communication channel in PI using URL https://<PI Host>:<Port>/mdt/channelmonitorservlet
If any of the channel is inactive then activate it.


If your issue is still not resolved, then please raise an incident for SAP Support. Also, please send the following information in the incident:

  • Problem description

  • Steps to reproduce

  • Cloud for Customer Message ID

  • IDoc number from ERP/CRM.