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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


Sometimes you want to link to the same form or landing page from different sources (Facebook, Web Pages, ...). If you want to capture the different sources in the resulting interactions there is the possibility to assign a link with a URL parameter.


Create Campaign(s)

Create campaigns for each source. In this case the campaign does not need a target group and therefore I propose the TV Campaign category.

Landing Page linked to your Homepage

Prepare and publish your Landing Page. Then use the published link of the Landing Page with the URL parameter 'sap-campaign-id' and the ID of your previously created campaign anywhere on your homepage. The resulting landing page call should then like like this:

Linked Interactions

Check the resulting interactions in the contact profile. The campaign should be the one you have linked:

Follow-up with Segmentation

Now you can use a segmentation model to follow-up on the specific sources like so:

In this example I first filtered on the interaction type (Newsletter Subscribe), then I filtered on the specific landing page and finally I used the filter on the campaign ID for the different sources.


With this procedure you can use campaigns to link various sources to a single landing page.

Was this helpful for you? Can you use this procedure for your use cases? Please let me know in the comments.