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I am writing this blog post to show you how to create Dashboards in the Responsive User Interface, also known as Fiori. 🙂

But... What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard allows you to have a friendly visualization of your business data. It can also store multiple data sources/reports into one.

A consistent and organized dashboard is very important in the decision making process, as it aggregates all the required information and allows you to check trends and making comparisons.

How to create a Dashboard?

In order to create a dashboard, please follow with the steps below:

1. Go to Business Analytics work center and Design Dashboards view;

2. Click on New button;

3. Type a Name;

4. Click on Ok button;

5. In the right panel, under All Reports, select the needed report views;

6. Drag and drop the selected reports to the available squares;

7. Select between the available Report Selections for each Report Views;

8. In order to create connections between the Dashboards, click on Define Connections button (connection icon);

9. Select the source dashboard for building the connection;

10. Drag and drop the source dashboard to the target dashboard;

11. In the new screen that has been opened, drag and drop the source field to the Define Connections area;

12. Then drag and drop the target field from the left pane to the Define Connections area;

13. You can also create Global Filters, by dragging and dropping fields from the Attributes tab to the Filter 1, 2, 3 or 4;

14. Click on Save and Close button.

Dashboard Connections

Dashboard connections are interactions between the titles and they can be manually defined by you, as per your business requirements. 🙂 They are going to work as a filter from a source tile to a target one. 🙂

Global Filters

This option will allow you to change the selection of the reports within the dashboard at once. With this option you can change the selection of multiple reports within the dashboard at once.


So, do you have any additional doubts about Dashboards? I would be more than happy on figuring it out with you, in case you decide to comment it below. 😄