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If you haven't noticed it already some or most of the feed update shortcuts such as '@', '*', '#' does not work or displays inconsistent behavior in HTML5 UI versus Silverlight. With the move towards a HTML5 UI our customers are facing issues while using these otherwise cool and useful shortcuts for feed updates. Here's a list of issues with HTML5 for your record. This is on IE9 browser and above. Note that some of it may or may work in Chrome but nevertheless very annoying when you assume it is supposed to work.

  1. Private feed Update - e.g. use of * or asterisk for posting private updates
  2. Quick view when we hover on the links to documents.
  3. Deletion of feed comments.
  4. View all comments doesn’t work correctly in HTML5.
  5. Feeds settings – UI needs to be developed.
  6. Drag and drop of employee onto feed – In Silverlight, this automatically becomes an @ symbol along with the tagging of employee, but doesn’t work in HTML5. Also the usability to directly use @ is not very smooth
  7. Other than inspect, comment and delete there are 2 more icons that are not present in HTML5.
  8. Post update icon on the left panel is not present.
  9. Auto complete not working in android (chrome browser).
  10. Employee follow does not work from HTML5 Employee TI. But is possible from OWL quick view.
  11. Image files for employees and users only shows up on main post and shows up as grey icons in comments
  12. JPEG image formats may display an 'x' instead of the image. Use PNG instead.
  13. On attempting to add a update using '@' in the post comment field, it seems as  though the system is searching for the name but as soon as you move your cursor, the cursor position shifts to some other location.


Sathish Ganesan

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