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Way to Customer Experience Journey

How can you turn satisfied customers into loyal customers and loyal customers into “enthusiastic ambassadors” of the brand or product? Exactly, through sophisticated and successful Customer Experience management! This enables us to generate an emotional bond between the user and the product or provider. In this way, Customer Experience management not only focuses on direct effects such as willingness to buy, turnover or intensity of use, but also specifically on indirect effects such as word of mouth and recommendations. Ideally, this should be achieved at every customer touchpoint and as a result we have a complete customer journey.

For more information and “Customer Experience Solutions”, please check out our SAP Community topic page for all Customer Experience related items.

Additionally, we would like to introduce you to a new section on the topic pages!

On the right side at the bottom of the page, you’ll find a piece called “Featured Contributors” and you might have wondered, what that means and even more, how can you possibly become such a featured contributor?

Short explanation first: We want to highlight and recognize the members, who have acted in extraordinary ways and provided ample content in their respective tags over the past two weeks. It's an ever-changing process as we highlight new members every two weeks. It is therefore worthwhile for you to be regularly active in the community and to make new contributions.

We want to leave a thank you note for the current Featured Contributors, who are currently highlighted on the Customer Experience topic page! Thank you for your effort and your contributions. We highly appreciate it.






How can YOU become a Featured Contributor?

There is a lot to discover in the community. You can get started with taking a look at our managed tag list and search for one or more topics that interest you or that you would like to learn more about.

If you click on the corresponding tags, you will either get to the questions that have been asked with the tag so far or to the blog posts that have been published about the tags.

Now you have a lot of opportunities to be active and contribute. For example, if you are an expert in a field, then take a look at the questions and maybe you can answer some of them or give good answers an upvote. Or if you would like to write a blog post and share your experiences on a topic, you are very welcome to do so.

But there are also several ways to participate. For example, accepting, commenting, liking, following or voting on questions count among them.

Did you know that you can get badges for various activities in the community? Have a look at our Missions and Badges page and see how you can decorate your profile. More detailed descriptions of how you can earn the badge are also included.

I would like to introduce our recently added mission – The Swift Solver I, II and III!

We'll happily award these badges if you're the quickest and first to answer a question (within a time frame of 5 hours). It is important to set your notifications correctly here, as you will be informed immediately when a new question has been asked in the community. Take a look here and learn how to set up your notifications.

More details on the prerequisites in order to earn badge, can be found in this blog post.

Anyone can earn the Swift Solver because we have three levels and all of them are reachable.

Swift Solver I, II and III

Since the Featured Contributors change every two weeks, everyone has the chance to be highlighted. So, choose a topic that interests you and scroll through the jungle of questions and blog posts and just start to contribute. 😉

This blog series will continue on a weekly basis. Therefore, you can be already excited for the topic, that will be featured next week: SAP HANA!