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This FAQ has purpose of responding most of the main questions and issues faced with the SAP Outlook Add-in for C4C.

Please let us know your opinion or any comment in the comment section.

1 – You installed the Add-in however the Ribbon is not visible for the SAP Outlook Add-in

Outlook might disable some add-ins, so in this case you have to enable it manually:

  • Go to File in Microsoft Outlook

  • Select Options

  • Open Add-ins section

  • In the section Manage click Go

  • Make sure to check SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

  • Click Ok

2 – What are the system requirements to run the SAP Outlook Add-in for C4C?

Windows 7 up to Windows 10 are supported (32 or 64 bits supported).
Microsoft Outlook 2007 up to 2016 versions are supported (32 or 64 bits supported).
.NET Framework 4 or newer (you can download it here)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Note: Server Side Integration is Support to request the feature, please raise an incident to us (SAP Support).

3 – When trying to log in the add-in you have the following error:

Make sure your Scoping in the system is ok for the Outlook Integration:

1) Go to the Business Configuration Workcenter.
2) Go to Implementation Projects.
3) Edit Project Scope.
4) Go to Questions.
5) In Search (>> icon ) type Office.
6) Hit enter.
7) Expand Communication and Information Exchange.
8) Now expand Office and Desktop Integration. Now you should see Integration with Local E-Mail Applications.
9) Check if question You can synchronize data between your SAP cloud solution and your users' local e-mail application (Microsoft Outlook® or IBM Lotus Notes®) is in scope.
10) Make sure to confirm the changes and the status of the option is Reviewed, otherwise the change is not taken into account


4 – How can I change the language for the Add-in?

The add-in will take in consideration the language from the Microsoft Outlook Application.

5 - During Logon process you have an error: “The remote name could not be resolved: XXX”

The error is shown because the Proxy Settings might be wrong.

  • Go to the Add-in Settings

  • Select Proxy Settings

  • Check the attributes

6 – During Logon you have an error: “Unable to Connect to the remote server

Same cause as number 5-) check above ?

7 - Your Add-in gets disabled when you open Microsoft Outlook.

This one is thanks to Mr. matheus.kuhn

In some instances, it is observed that Microsoft Outlook disables the add-in. On reactivation, the add-in works without any issues.


Outlook imposes strict time limits for add-ins and this includes 1000 ms for loading, 500 ms for folder switch and for shutdown. If the add-in exceed this time limit, then Outlook disables the add-in


1) Go to File in Microsoft Outlook
2) Select Manage Add-ins/Slow and Disabled Add-ins


3) Select Always enable this add-in



4) You can now activate the add-in as in the section 1 – You installed the Add-in however the Ribbon is not visible for the SAP Outlook Add-in


Gustavo Muñoz