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  1. What type of fields’ code list are supported?

Fields of type code (list) & indicator are supported.

  1. Will code list work for Multi value list type fields?

Yes, from 1702 release of the product.

  1. CLR is not working in SilverLlight client.

It works only in RUI & html5. In Silverlight only configuration can be done.

  1. How to make code list work for all users?

Code list restriction should be created without a Business role.

  1. Will Code list work if the code to restrict and control field are same.

It will work, but it is not a valid test case and such configuration should not be done.

  1. Where does code list work?

Code list restriction works only in Advance Search, Quick Create screen and in the TI (eg: header).

  1. Limitation of CLR for any screen?

CLR does not work on “Contacts” advanced search screen.

  1. Does CLR work in advanced search?

Yes, CLR works on advanced search.

  1. Does CLR be applied to PDI created extension fields?

Yes CLR can be created for custom created extension fields. Note: the field type should be either list/indicator.

  1. Does CLR be applied to custom created BO?

No, currently custom BO’s are not supported.

  1. Does CLR work if the Control Field is of type “Data List”?

No, this is currently standard limitation.

  1. Is CLR applied under facets?

CLR supports simple data model and not complex data model and normally the facets will be complex data model and hence code list will not be applied.

  1. Limitation of CLR on Lead BO.

“Qualification” field as a control field does not work. It’s currently a limitation.

  1. Does CLR work in mobile devices?

Yes CLR works in mobile device.

  1. Does CLR work in offline mode?

Yes CLR works in offline mode.

  1. What happens when multiple CLR’s are created? Which CLR will get the priority?

The most specific CLR will take the priority, means if a CLR will be created with two fields BO and Code to restrict  and another CLR with three fields (control field added), then later will get more priority.

  1. What if a code to restrict field is controlled by two control field?

Then the values which are common (or intersection) in both configuration will be visible.

  1. Where will CLR default value work?

In quick create and add row (list modification). It won’t work in TI and advance search OWL.