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On July 2 Facebook will introduce a mandatory origin for custom audiences:

This will also impact Facebook campaigns in SAP Marketing transferring a custom audience to Facebook.

For new campaigns on-premise customers have to apply note “2660420 – Facebook Custom Audience Data Origin”. Without that note, no creation of custom audiences on Facebook will be possible any more after July 2.

Cloud customers will get a temporary solution as a hot fix in time.

With that note and the temporary solution, the user has to provide the origin of the contacts in the custom audience with the description of the custom audience. The description has to end with one of the following:




Note the two underscores at the beginning.


As this origin is mandatory on Facebook, the user will get a corresponding error message when trying to release a campaign without that information.

In future releases, there will be a separate field to enter the origin of the audience members.


For runing campaigns that periodically update a custom audience, you have to maintain the origin directly on Facebook. You can navigate to the custom audience at Facebook from SAP Marketing:

If you miss that, the next custom audience transfer will fail. In this case, first maintain the origin for the custom audience at Facebook and then restart the transfer in SAP Marketing:

According to Facebook, after 2 July, users will be required to accept the new custom audience terms in Facebook to create or update custom audiences. If this causes failed transfers in SAP Marketing just accept the terms and conditions and restart the transfer.

I hope this blog helps you with a smooth introduction of the new Facebook coustom audience origin.