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I am introducing the enhancement possibilities of the Interaction Contact, one of the central object in the SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud and SAP Hybris Marketing. All the information provided in the blog are based on the 1608 release.

We have three possibilities to enhance the object Interaction Contact. One is the standard extensibility where you can add additional attributes which have an 1:1 relation to the Interaction Contact itself. Another one is the possibility to use the Marketing Attributes, where you are able to model a 1:n relation to the Interaction Contact. And the third one is to use the Custom Business Objects Root Node, where you are able to model a 1:n relation as well. Note the Custom Business Object (=CBO) is only available in the SAP S/4HANA Marketing Edition.

The table below should give you an overview:

Standard Extensibility Marketing Attributes

Custom Business Objects Root Node

(Cloud only)


Interaction Contact – attribute value
 1 - 1 1 - n 1 - n
Number of attributes Currently 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Data format of attribute Own data fields (with own domains) Only string is available(The Marketing Attributes itself are extensible, but has another meaning) Own data fields
Translation of attribute value Text join possible, with domains or add. text table (CBO) Not possible Translation possible with an additional CBO
Visibility of attributes from different sources Only attribute from source with highest priority stored in the Golden Record. All attributes are visible All attributes are visible
UI Integration

  • Contact Factsheet

  • Contact List

  • Company Factsheet

  • Company List

  • Segmentation

  • Contact Factsheet

  • Company Factsheet

  • Segmentation

  •  Segmentation

Addable to segmentation Yes via configuration Fiori App Yes already integrated as key – value pair (Marketing Attribute Category – Marketing Attribute) Yes via App “Manage your solution”
 Inbound Interfaces Included into standard inbound interface (OData and CSV) Yes already integrated as key – value pair (Marketing Attribute Category – Marketing Attribute) Yes via App “Manage your solution”
 Export Definition (configurable via „Segmentation Configuration”)  Yes Yes Yes

To use the standard extensibility of the Business Object Interaction Contact, you have to use the application “Custom Fields and Logic” in the Fiori Launchpad. We offer different business contexts for the Interaction Contact Marketing: Company, Marketing: Person and Marketing: Interaction Contact. The business context “Marketing: Company” will be valid for the corporate accounts, “Marketing: Person” for the individual persons and “Marketing: Interaction Contact” for both.

The objects are only visible in the solution if they are enabled in the Fiori App “Custom Fields and Logic” under the tab “UIs and Reports”, see screenshot:

User Interface Integration

 Contact Factsheet / Corporate Account Factsheet

  • Extension fields and marketing attributes are visible in contact and corporate account factsheet. What kind of extension fields are visible in which factsheet is depending on the business context.

  • Extension fields visible with description and value,

  • Marketing Attributes visible with description (Marketing Attribute Category) and listed values

  • CBO data are not integrated

Contact List / Corporate Account List

  • Extension fields automatically available in contact / corporate account list

  • Field visibility is personalized per user


Extension Fields

  • Extension fields addable via configuration Fiori app

  • Dedicated attributes in segmentation for the extension fields

  • Fields are added to the corresponding group consumer / contact / corporate account

Marketing Attribute

  • Marketing attribute category and marketing attribute available in delivered segmentation profiles as generic attributes

  • Segmentation is done in a two-step approach è first select on marketing attribute category and second on marketing attribute

  • No specific attribute available; for example attribute like Hobby

Custom Business Object (Cloud only)

  • CBO attributes addable via app “Manage your solution”, only available for the root node of the custom business object

  • Selected attributes visible under new attribute group, one per CBO

  • Dedicated attributes per column in CBO

  • Complex attribute group e.g. working experience (start date, end date, working experience, company name …..)