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SAP C/4HANA Extension Factory provides a great infrastructure to support extensibility for customer scenarios, which is triggered by business events of Marketing Cloud.Several Customers of SAP Marketing Cloud make already or plan to use of this technology, and this blog shall describe the usage for valuable business scenarios:

  1. In Consumer Industries particularly, it is essential that requirements for permission marketing are met consistently accross all channels. SAP Customer Data Cloud (fka Gigya) is taking care for a secured handling of customer's consent as well as for permissions and subscriptions. Typically consumer unsubscribe, for example from a newsletter, or withdraw their permission in general, via a given hyperlink of the email, send via SAP Marketing Cloud. In this case it is essential to instantly notify Customer Data Cloud. Using the business event for Marketing Permissions or Marketing Subscriptions, it is possible to synchronize the subscriptions and permissions in Marketing Cloud with Customer Data Cloud.
    A similar case is the registration of a contact through a certain landing page, where a consent must be given, and a permission for phone or email address was captured.

  2. A Customer in B2B Marketing, running email campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud wants to use business events on interactions to notify a responsible sales person that a contact has opened or clicked through a recent email, which was supporting his sales activities in a given opportunity. The sales person shall also be notified, if the email was not delivered or opened, because it was hard bounce, i.e. the email address was invalid. The same shall happen for a soft bounce, i.e. the email was identified as JUNK- or SPAM-email and did not reach the inbox of the contact.

  3. A quite common scenario is the need to enrich address information, which is captured in SAP Marketing Cloud, for example through a landing page. Using a business event for contacts, it shall be possible to enrich address information with geolocations (i.e. longitude and latitude).
    It is also desired to react on address changes using this business event.
    A Company, which is selling furniture, is relying on such a validation of postal address to ensure that the heavy furniture is delivered to a valid address.

  4. Many customers use landing pages for collecting any kind of information about customer behavior and satisfaction. When offering a dedicated possibility to address a complaint about a certain product, it is desirable to trigger service tickets for the customer in the Service Cloud.

Some of them (1 and 2 ) can already be realized with the current release, for others (3 and 4) it is planned to enhance the capabilties of SAP Marketing Cloud in future releases.

If you are interested in learning how you can realize a solution, see the business event handling of SAP Marketing Cloud and the blog Use SAP Cloud Platform, Kyma runtime to extend SAP Marketing Cloud.

Find more information about SAP C/4HANA Extensibility via the blogs SAP C/4HANA Extensibility: summary of what’s available as of January 2020 and SAP C/4HANA Extensibility 101: SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, Kyma, Price and Support.