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Disclaimer: The information is not up to date.

With SAP Marketing Cloud you are able to import own SAP HANA Views by using the SAP Fiori App “Add Custom View”.

This blog post will tell you steps you need to carry out to build the HANA Calculation Views.

On opening the “Add Custom Views” application, you are informed that HANA views would be migrated to HANA 2.0. Post-migration, you can only import views that are modelled using HANA 2.0 Modeller ( SAP Web IDE)

In this blog post, you can see how to export all whitelisted content and how to import it to SAP Web IDE.


Part 1: Export HANA 2.0 Whitelisted Content

With SAP Marketing Cloud you can export all whitelisted content by using the Export All option in the Add Custom Views application (This option is available after upgrade to HANA 2.0 version).


Exporting will take some time as all whitelisted content along with their dependencies, all uploaded custom views, whitelisted Tables, CBO Tables are exported.

At the end of the process, file is downloaded to your local system.


Part 2: Import the Whitelisted HANA Calculation Views with Dependencies in SAP Web IDE

For details on setting up the  Cloud Foundry Trial Account using SAP Web IDE refer:

Exporting Whitelisted Content and Importing it to SAP Web IDE (Cloud Foundry account)


a. Import the downloaded zip into your workspace by choosing Import > File or Project.

The imported file looks like the below screenshot:

b. Right-click on the folder hdbtables.Choose Build > Build Selected Files to build downloaded hdbtables.

Once the build is successful, you can see the message below:

c. To build the downloaded HANA 2.0 views, right-click on the folder sap. Choose Build > Build Selected Files.

Once the build is successful, you can see the message below:

Till now we have learned how to export whitelisted content from SAP Marketing Cloud, how to import it to SAP Web IDE, and how to activate the whitelisted content in SAP Web IDE.

To create new custom views and import it back to SAP Marketing Cloud, refer

Working with HANA 2.0 white listed content and building custom views in SAP Web IDE using Cloud Foun...