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What is an S-User ID?

An S-User ID is required to access SAP One Support Launchpad which provides access to task-driven support resources in an intuitive interface. By using customizable role profiles, it displays only the relevant applications and insights to you.

Who creates the Super Administrator - S-User ID?

For new customers, SAP creates the first User ID and assigns it the highest level of authorization, which is called "Super Administrator" or, in case of an SAP Cloud Customer, a "Cloud Administrator".

What are the tasks of a Super Admin?

Super Administrators are S-Users who are authorized to add and administer Users and authorizations. (create S-Users and assign authorizations) Administrators can only assign those authorizations that they have been granted themselves.

For security reasons SAP is not entitled to create or administer additional S-Users for customers. It is solely customer responsibility to request any number of S-User IDs. The Super Administrators can create and assign new S-User ID’s with the required authorizations and delete IDs of users who have left the company or do not need access to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad anymore.

Authorization management deals with permissions that are required to fulfill certain support-related tasks using the support applications that are offered in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, for example reporting incidents or downloading software. Most authorizations contain not only the user's right to perform a specific task, but also the level at which the user can exercise this right.


SAP distinguishes between the following types of Administrators, based on their authorizations:

Super Administrators:

This user has all authorizations assigned at the highest possible level. This is the first User of a new customer, generated by the SAP contracts department, the Super Administrator who can then start creating additional S-User IDs.

Cloud Administrator:

This role applies to customers who have licensed an SAP cloud product.
Cloud Administrators are the initial users created by SAP. They receive all authorizations that are required to fulfill SAP cloud-related tasks on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Where the customer is licensed for Cloud Products only, the Cloud Administrator will be responsible for all S-User management, including assignment and removal of authorizations to other users.
Please note: Cloud administrators have authorizations specific to certain cloud installations and will have Display Cloud Data authorization. As a result, they can only assign authorizations according to these cloud installations.

Important: As a Cloud Administrator, please make sure to give other cloud users at least the authorization Display Cloud Data in addition to other chosen authorizations.

User Administrator:

User Administrators also can assign or remove authorizations, based on their own authorization profile. They have at least Edit Authorizations and Edit User Data authorizations.


Quick Tips:

You will be able to view your existing authorizations in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad's My Profile section.

Your super-administrator or cloud-administrator can grant you more authorizations to your S-user ID’s.

If you forgot your logon details, you can retrieve and reset your own password. Otherwise, contact SAP Support for password issues

Use the XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR component to report an incident about user data issues.


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Any queries related to Super Administrator details, please contact Customer Interaction Center and we will be happy to help you!.


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Chaitra KB CIC Team