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The benefits of the New SAP MaxAttention 

Last year, SAP commissioned the Forrester Consulting group to conduct a study about The Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) othe New SAP MaxAttention, analyzing the potential benefits and return on investments (ROI) that enterprises may realize by leveraging the premium engagement offering. 

In this study, six customers from various industries from around the world were interviewed, including consumer goods, financial services, packaging and paper, retail, chemical, and technology.  

The benefits gained by these companies as a result of the premium engagement were striking: Among other KPIs, our customers achieved an overall return on investment of 194 percent and achieved a payback period of less than six months.  

However, the question remains: What economic impact may the New SAP MaxAttention have on your business? 

Based on the values and insights gained through these customer interviews in the Forrester TEI study, an interactive model has been created by Forrester to calculate a high-level estimate of the economic impact based on your specific business environmentthe Economic Impact Estimator for Premium Engagements from SAPThis interactive tool was commissioned by SAP and developed and delivered by the Forrester Consulting group, allowing a 100% unbiased analysis and impact estimate for your business case.

Irrespective of whether you are a customer considering the renewal of the strategic partnership or a company interested in pursuing it, the tool will provide you with valuable insights on the impact of the premium engagement on your future business. Whereas it allows existing customers to reassess the relevance and strategy required for continued business success, it provides interested companies with a high-level estimate of the benefits and costs that might be incurred by leveraging the New SAP MaxAttention offering.

This is how it works 

To individually assess the key benefits (improved innovation, accelerated implementation support, enhanced business value, streamlined IT operations) with the Economic Impact Estimator, the following variables serve as input: 

  1. Number of new SAP projects per year

  2. Average number of months spent on the discover, prepare, and explore phases of an SAP project

  3. Average number of months required to implement new SAP solutions

  4. Annual SAP operations price 

  5. Annual business value delivered by an SAP project 

  6. Annual hours required to manage SAP collaboration

In case you are already a premium engagement customer, you are encouraged to use the option “Modify pricing assumption” that is offered in addition to those variables to tailor the business case and optimize the results based on past values. However, if you are new to the topic and interested in becoming a premium engagement customer, it is recommended to use the default setting in order to avoid unrealistic calculations. 

Reach out to us 

If you are considering a premium engagement and have a few questions left that you would like to have an answer to, you are more than welcome to write an email to or directly reach out to your regional SAP representative.

Author: Peter Harkin, SVP – Global Premium Engagement Services, Customer Success