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Any coding or configuration examples provided in this document are only examples and are NOT intended for use in a productive system. The example is only done to better explain and visualize the topic.

The objective of this blog is to share the how Agent experience is improved using Cloud For Customer - Customer Hub and also how the same can be enhanced.

Scope of this Blog-:-

  1. Quick glance of Customer Hub .

  2. How to enable Customer Hub for existing Cloud for Customer tenant.

  3. Extending pre-delivered UI of Customer Hub

  4. Extending Customer Hub with other reusable Cloud for Customer UIs

  5. Extending Customer Hub with external Apps.

1. Quick glance of "Customer Hub"

Customer Hub is an Overview view of a Individual Customer or Account during an active call. The View get opened when customer is confirmed automatically or done manually from Live Activity. Customer Hub can give insights on Customer's recent Tickets, Registered Products, Associated Addresses, Contacts (In case of  Accounts) and chronological view of all the activities associated with the customer.

2. How to enable Customer Hub for existing Cloud for Customer tenant

Navigate to Administrator->Service and Social->Live Activity Configuration and enable "Open Customer Moments" - (or some releases "Open Customer Hub")

Once this is enabled -:-

During an active call "Customer Hub " will get opened automatically if there is unique customer identified or when agent Confirm a customer from Live Activity during an active call.


3. Extending Pre-delivered UI of Customer Hub

Using both Key user adaptation or through Cloud SDK one can enhance the pre-delivered UIs in Customer Hub . Below are the steps on how to extend Customer Hub using Key user adaptation.

4. Extending Customer Hub with other reusable Cloud for Customer UI

This section cover how someone can include more cards to Customer Hub UI.

specifically how to include already existing C4C reusable UIs.

Refer the following Blog on how to add UI component in C4C to be added to Customer Hub . C4C Reuse Utilities-360 Ticket

Some of the important information which you need make use of the above blog is below.

To get the alignment as shown above one have to use the place holder EC to include more UIs.

Customization Card UI path -:-

5. Extending Customer Hub with external Apps.

Other possibility is to include SAP ERP UIs or any externally hosted Apps.

Below it shows externally hosted app included as Card in Customer Hub

The following Blog will give bit more insight on how to achieve side by side extensibility using SAP resources. Side By Side Extension using SAP Cloud Platform