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Hello Everyone,

This blog post gives you an overview of all the different resources available for getting enabled in SAP Customer Checkout.

I point you to the resources and explain how they are intended to be used.
1. Product Videos in Youtube
2. Blogs
3. SAP Community for Questions and Answers
4. SAP Partner Edge
5. SAP Help Portal
6. Set-up demo Environment
7. SAP Notes
8. Software link in SMP
9. SAP PAM (Product Availability Matrix)
10. Components for tickets/bugs
11. Inbox for specific personal questions.
12. New release announcement, New features ppt, Webinars
13. External onsite training's

Product Videos on Youtube
If you are absolute beginner, i can recommend you to listen to our Product Videos Overview Series on youtube. Here we give you product overview and demo of main functionality in each of the user interface mode we support.  Total video duration is approximately 2 hours.
Product Videos in Youtube
Youtube Videos           OverviewFP09 Features, ERP Integration  

We also write blogs in our SAP Community page. In the blogs that i write, i cover the most frequently discussed or requested topics.
My blogs  Feature List, Customer LandscapeIntegration to B1, Payment Terminal, Enablement

We also encourage you write blogs and share your knowledge about SAP Customer Checkout.

SAP Community for Questions and Answers (LINK)
SAP Community is our preferred channel for question and answers. Yes, in the past we answered a lot of questions sent to our inbox However we want to completely change that. We want that the knowledge is shared and partners also actively participate in answering the questions. So if you send us an email in our inbox with a question, and you do not hear from us - don't be surprised. Use SAP Community and expect a faster response.
However you need to understand that SAP Community answers is just a goodwill help that we provide. And we expect partners to engage and support other partners via answering their questions.

SAP Partner Edge (LINK)
SAP Partner Edge is our preferred enablement channel. Customer Reference, Roadmap, step-by-step power point for installation, configuration, announcements - everything is available in Partner Edge. And in the last years, we have invested significant amount of resources in providing excellent learning materials there.
Here we have step-by-step screenshots which help you follow the different guides easily.
Let me give you some examples.
1. One pager: Home page -> About -> Overview and you will find one pager
2. Roadmap:  -> Home page -> About -> Overview and you will find roadmap
3. Customer Presentation: Home page -> Sell -> Overview and you will find customer presentation        in English, German and French
4. Customer References: Home page -> Sell -> Tools & Assets, scroll down and you will find
"References & Successes"
5.  Training Materials: Home page -> Implement -> Overview, scroll down and you will find
"Training Materials", select the latest release there and find several assets related to
A) Install SAP Customer Checkout or SAP Customer Checkout manager
B) Connect to SAP BusinessOne
C) Print templates
D) Hardware
6. Develop PlugIns: Home page -> Implement -> Overview, scroll down and you will find
"Training Materials", select "Extension for SAP Customer Checkout". Here you will find several
document and examples PlugIns

SAP Help Portal (LINK)
The official product documentation is available in 2 places.
First, it is available with the product itself. So when you install SAP Customer Checkout, you will find the product documentation in the installation folder. By default C:\SapCustomerCheckout\doc
Second, the product documentation is published in SAP Help portal.
The product documentation is available in 2 languages. English and German.
Unlike SAP PartnerEdge where we use screenshots from actual product, in the official product documentation no screenshots are used. Also the official product documentation are much more detailed.
So SAP Partner Edge and SAP Help Portal are complementary resources. PartnerEdge is a screenshot and power point based approach, while SAP Help Portal is detailed documentation about each functionality.

Set-up demo Environment
If you want to set-up your own demo environment so that you are empowered to do powerful demos, we have materials for you which are ready to use. We deliver fully configured SAP Customer Checkout for each user interface mode, data creator tool for SAP Customer Checkout manager, video that you can follow step by step, and also back-up slides incase of system failures. Several colleagues who tried this told us that in 90 minutes they had a complete end to end system ready for demo for Retail, Kiosk, and Hospitality.
Demo setup, Demo Materials, Back-up slides
Also watch the product demo videos and try out the same things in your demo environment.

Software link in SMP (LINK)
We deliver SAP Customer Checkout only via Service Market Place. If you are SAP BusinessOne partner you will already have access to download SAP Customer Checkout as well.
The direct link provided here takes you directly to SAP Customer Checkout Release 2.0.
Kindly select the latest Feature Pack. The latest version of SAP Customer Checkout is 2.0 Feature Pack 05. In SMP you find it as "SP05 for SAP CUSTOMER CHECKOUT 2.0"

SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) (LINK)
Product Availability matrix is the most up-to-date place where you find all pre-requisite.
Example: Which operating system is supported, which Java version is supported, which browsers are supported etc for each software component.

SAP Notes (LINK)
Some SAP Notes are very helpful like for all other SAP Products. So it is recommend to check SAP Notes. I would highly recommend you to read our
SAP Customer Checkout Troubleshooting and FAQ Note (LINK)

Also for every Patch that we deliver, we also deliver a SAP Note, where we note down what was fixed in that Patch. In order to get all SAP Notes related to SAP Customer Checkout, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to LINK

  2. Enter the component “IS-SE-CCO in the Application Area.

  3. Start Search and all SAP Notes related to SAP Customer Checkout are displayed.

Components for tickets/bugs
There are dedicated components for SAP Customer Checkout. If you are a SAP BusinessOne partner, then you can create the ticket from
SAP Business One Portal: Component IS-SE-CCO

If you are not using SAP BusinessOne, you can report tickets directly from the SAP Incident reporting system: Component IS-SE-CCO

Inbox for specific personal questions
In-case of very specific questions, that you wish not to discuss in SAP community, then can reach out to us via our inbox
This inbox is NOT for open functional, technical, support questions, or bug reporting.

New release announcement, New features ppt, Webinars
When we have a new release we announce it via SAP PartnerEdge.
For each new release, we publish a power point with details of each new feature.
We also offer a free webinar (general 90 minutes), where we do a demo of the new features and also have a question and answer session in the end.
So you can guess, SAP PartnerEdge is a very important tool for us to connect to our partner community.
Additionally an email is sent out to partners who have attended our previous on-site training's or connected with us.

External onsite training's
We also conduct onsite training. There are 2 types of these training's. Consultant training and Development Training.
The consultant training is for Sales, Pre-sales, functional and technical consultant.
Development training is for developers who will develop Plugins/Add-ons on top of SAP Customer Checkout to extend the functionality for their end customer.
Both these training's are 2 to 3 days each. These training are NOT Free.

The organization of these training is handled by the SAP BusinessOne LPE(Local Product Expert). A minimum of 10 participants are needed. In the past these trainings were conducted in Germany, Dubai and Milan. A minimum 3 months pre-plan is needed to conduct the training.


In this extensive blog, you have learnt about various enablement possibilities for SAP Customer Checkout. I would recommend that you use these resources and become SAP Customer Checkout.
Best of luck with your SAP Customer Checkout journey.

Feel free to comment and give feedback about the blog.

About me: 
My name is Bikash Bansal. I work for SAP SE, Germany. My current role is of Product Owner for SAP Customer Checkout.
You can find more blogs from me about SAP Customer Checkout here .