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Last October 15th, the SAP Customer Experience Enablement Portal, also known as moved to openSAP Microlearning. It's a big move, isn't it? Therefore we have collected some of the most asked questions for you:
1. First of all, what is Microlearning?

Microlearning videos are small learning units that can be consumed individually or as part of a learning path.
2. Why is SAP moving to openSAP?

To unify the learning experience and to evolve to the central and only place at SAP for hosting microlearning videos across all products, technologies, and innovations.
3. Is SAP going to keep the brand?

No, SAP will use the openSAP brand only. The SAP Customer Experience Enablement Portal will close down 4 weeks after go-live. However, URL and redirects will remain for a longer time to ensure a smooth transition of visitors.
4. Will the new videos be available behind log-in?

No, the videos will be available without log-in.
5. Will embedded links still be valid?

Embedded videos will continue to work. However, for deep links to videos, we set up redirects to the SAP Microlearning homepage.
6. How can I subscribe to my favourite channels?

To subscribe to our channels and get notifications whenever we publish new videos, you need to login.

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Also, if you have any questions that are not included in this blog post or want to share your feedback, please contact us!