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With Release 1605 for the on-Premise deployment of SAP Hybris Marketing it is possible to embedd the Contact and Corporate Account Factsheet into the C4C Customer and Contact Factsheet by means of HTML mashup technology.


In order to do so, an administrator has to apply three major steps:

  1. Define the needed HTML-mashup in the C4C Silverlight UI via Business Flexibility and Mashup Authoring

  2. Enhance the Contact or Account Factsheet of C4C by an additional Tab in the C4C HTML5 UI

  3. Define a Business User for the Sales Professional in SAP Hybris Marketing to grant access to the Marketing System


As a result, in Cloud for Customer the Factsheet of SAP Hybris Marketing gets embedded, for example the Marketing Activities, i.e. Interactions of the Corporate Account are visible in Cloud for Customer.



If you want to implement the functionality please follow the detailed How-To-Document.

If you want to embed the Factsheets of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud into Cloud for Customer (C4C) please refer to the following blog.