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This blog was originally posted in May 2016. The information is not valid as content anymore, and has been moved to the integration guide of SAP Marketing Cloud. For details refer to the available how-to documentation.


This document describes how Business Administrative User in Sales can enable access to SAP Hybris Marketing by embedding the Hybris Marketing Factsheet and Corporate Account Factsheet into the C4C Factsheet for Contacts or Customers.


There are basically three steps needed:

  1. Define the needed HTML-Mashup in the C4C Silverlight UI by means of C4C Business Flexibility and Mashup Authoring

  2. Enhance the Contact or Account Factsheet with an additional Tab, for example “MARKETING INSIGHT”, in the C4C HTML5 UI.

  3. Define a Business User in Hybris Marketing for the Sales Representative to grant access to the Marketing System.

Mashup Definition

1.      Reference Documentation


For detailed information, refer to the documentation which is available under the following link

Or in the Cloud for Customer Administrative Guide

2.      Mashup Definition


For the Mashup Definition the Administrator must know the Target URL, which is invoked in order to embed the Hybris Marketing Application. The URL needs to have the following shape:


/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/CUAN_NAV_TO/index.html?id=<Arbitrary ContactID>&sap-client=<NO>&sap-hpa-mapper=<PAR1>&idOrigin=<PAR2>&sap-hpa-targetobject=<PAR3>


In detail the URL must contain the following parts in the named sequence

Grey Part: Secure Protocolhttps://

Yellow part: Fully specified domain name of the Web Dispatcher used for the Hybris Marketing System

Green part: Fully specified port id of the Web Dispatcher for the Hybris Marketing System

Note that the domain name and port id must be separated by “:”

Blue part: fix part of the URL containing the path of the ICF-node of Hybris Marketing

Red part: needed parameter-credentials to invoke the Hybris Marketing System from an external source, which contains dynamic parameters for “Id” and “sap-client” and constant parameters for the contact and corporate account factsheet.


The dynamic parameter values for the id are as named here:


Contact Factsheet

Account Factsheet





The constant parameter values are as named here:



Contact Factsheet

Account Factsheet














3.      Create New HTML Mashup in C4C System


In order to do so, one has to launch the C4C-Application in the Silverlight UI and open the work set Administrator --> Business Flexibility --> Mashup Authoring.

Enter the following credentials:

  1. Choose Mashup Category “Business & Finance”

  2. Choose Port Binding with “Additional Account Information”

  3. Define a proper name for the “Mashup Name”

  4. Enter the URL of the Hybris Marketing System in the section “Configuration Information”

  5. Extract the Parameters of the URL

  6. Specify the Height with the recommended value 600 px accordingly

  7. Change the ID from a constant to Parameter Binding with “AccountID” for the Contact Factsheet and “AccountInternalID” for the Account Factsheet

  8. Mark the ID as mandatory

Finally, the Definition, for example for the Account Factsheet, will looks like this


4. Open the corresponding Factsheet in in C4C System HTML5 UI


For example open a Customer Account, which is synchronized with the connected Marketing system

5. Open Edit Master Layout


6. Add New Tab, for example, “MARKETING INSIGHT”



7. Add Mashup above the default section



8. Enable the HTML Mashup in the Tab


  • Select the corresponding HTML-mashup from the list:

    • If the Contact or Individual Customer Factsheet shall be enhanced, select the Mashup which has been defined for the Hybris Marketing Contact

    • In case the Account Factsheet shall be enhanced, select the Mashup which has been defined for the Hybris Marketing Corporate Account

  • Mark the mashup as visible

  • Mark the mashup with full “width”

  • Apply the Mashup


Definition of Business Role and Business User

Define a Business User for the Sales Representative via transaction SU01 and assign the needed Composite Role SAP_SALES_REP_MKT_INFO via transaction PFCG