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In part three of this mini-blog series, we've got three for the price of one, in our latest spring updates.

After discussing about the new Loyalty features last week, its now time to focus on all the exciting new features across: Mobile, SMS and Web Push.

Channels are the lifeblood of marketing, the avenues we use to connect with customers. And the Spring Release is bringing you numerous channel updates so you can reach customers with tailored content at the right time and on the right channel.

What's new:

1. Get Automated: Web Push Trigger for Automation

Web push notifications are push messages you send to customers that they receive in the desktop or mobile browser. On their own, web push notifications are great for capturing website traffic and engaging customers with real-time and personalized notifications.

Now with Web Push Trigger, you can automatically trigger web push campaigns through interactions and engage your customers based on their behavior and custom events in real time.

2. Goin’ Mobile: Mobile SDK Update Push Notification

With the Spring Release, you can now update mobile push notifications that you’ve already sent. Instead of sending a second notification (or worse, a series of notifications), which can be distracting or even irritating to your customer, they see just one notification with the most recent update.

This allows you to ensure customers receive the most up-to-date information, fully maximizing your customer’s mobile screen real estate and their attention.

3. Push It: Mobile and Web Push API

Mobile and web push API is now offered to integrate with Emarsys push services for campaign task management performed from their own platform. This API supports query, new campaign creation, update, querying, deleting, and launching.

4. The Buddy System: SMS Partner Integration API

As a marketer, you need the ability to work with your preferred SMS vendor without any support from IT, and our new SMS Partner Integration API gives you exactly that sort of empowerment. Accelerate time to value faster on Emarsys using your preferred partner to send personalized SMS to your customers.


Watch our expert trainer explain more about these updates in the video below đź”˝

Or visit our Product Release page to see all our new features.

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