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It is very common to get into a situation where you will need to change your brand name. That of course implies not only the logo and the name itself but also a series of other endpoints which are used to identify your brand and company identity and are connected to your reputation and email-sending ability.

Let's dive into these elements one by one and see what you will have to pay attention to and how to make that move smoothly.

You can see the logical proposed journey you will need to follow in the infographic below and go through the details.

Rebranding journey

Email sending

Most probably you are using a subdomain of your company’s domain (eg. for sending emails. Following the brand name change, the email domain should also change and follow your new brand name. In order to do so, start already informing your customers of the upcoming change, what the new name would be and even ask to add it to their email-allowed list.

Any link or image domains you use, have also to follow the change and be aligned with your new identity.

Tip: failure to align your email sending domain with your links or images might trigger mail providers filtering or blocking your emails, due to phishing alerts. You can use redirects from your old links to the new ones within the campaigns, so any product catalogues won’t get affected.

As part of the transition, you should change your triggered email domain as well as any recurring campaigns to the new one.

Depending on your daily sent volume keep in mind that your new email-sending domain will need a period of a warm-up where volume will be transferred from your old to the new domain.

But this change is not only in email. The name change should cover other channels too.

Social Media

If you have social media presence, make sure you start communicating the brand change to your customer base early enough, so you create awareness.


Launch your new website as early as possible and redirect your old one to it. That way you have already started to show your new branding to your visitors.

Your target should be to create a web and search reputation for your new domain as this alone will also help your email marketing program.


If you use SMS campaigns, you also must consider changing to your new domain name in those campaigns as well as registering it through our Technical Support; else you won’t be able to use it.


Similarly, if you use push notifications you must change your app and implement an SDK. Your credentials would need to be updated as well for the new app on our platform.

In any case, do now hesitate to ask for help from our experts. Rebranding might seem difficult to implement, but when planned properly and in advance the transition will be smooth.

After you have given some time to introduce the applicable new elements of your brand, you can go on with your marketing strategy as usual on all channels in order to continue building your brand’s awareness.

What’s next?

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